Monday, January 17, 2011

Words Cannot Express...

What a crazy start to 2011, we have had torrential rain for most of the first 2 weeks (and before) of this new year.
We live in Ipswich QLD and have had some severe flooding here, in fact 75% of our state has been flooded over the last month or so. the worst part hit was a little town called Grantham below the Great Dividing Range and the city of Toowoomba. there was flash flooding that triggered an inland Tsunami that hit Toowoomba quite badly and flowed down the range to the towns lower down.
many lives have been lost and many more homes and properties have been destroyed. the total devastation is gut wrenching, people are quite numb all seems so surreal.
one thing that makes me proud to be an Aussie is the camaraderie and spirit that makes us who we are...we have something like 50,000 volunteers from the region helping each other clean up. strangers are helping people they have never met before, and may never meet again. a lady from one of the worst areas hit here in Ipswich was cleaning up the mess that is whats left of her home...then people started coming from all directions, simply saying "how can I help". she ended up with 40 people helping her, most she never knew...there are many stories like this of the wonderful nature humans can have when we are faced with devastation.

How Can You Help...
the best way that you can help is by donating money that can be distributed to the worst or most urgent needs.
if you go to the Government site you can safely donate there without fear of being scammed, they also have plenty of info for you to get an understanding of the size of this disaster.

is a fantastic blog that has got a list of blogs and bloggers who are holding auctions of home made goods and the money goes to the Qld flood relief fund. this another way you can help the people who are desperate.

Another way you can help is by making a little something to help out some of the families who have lost everything including family members.

these folks are giving away extra fabric and notions when you make a purchase, the fabric and notions are to be used to make something for the victims of the flood. I am sure you can email them for further details.

I am sure you may find many more places out there who would be offering ways to help...a word of warning though, check out thoroughly any blogs or sites asking for cash donations, you could do this by looking on the government site for known scammers.
BUT...perhaps the best way to donate is thorough the secure government site.

A Note on My Giveaway...
This is still happening, Life has just been very busy here in Ipswich over the last week or so.
I will be adding Pics in the next week of more prizes for the draw.

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  1. It's been devastating to watch on the tv... I can't even imagine how terrible it is in real life. We both grew up on the Darling Downs (DH and I) and it's terrible to see these places that we know so well affected so terribly. Hope that you are okay. We have family in Ipswich and one went under and one didn't. Such a sad thing.