Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More August Entries...Before It Closes

More entries Ladies...they are looking good...keep up the great work.

that is a great looking basket Amanda, very festive.
Diana yours is very Christmassy, it looks hard to do.
thank you for your entries ladies. Robin yours looks terrific...

will add more if there are any by the end of the day.

Happy Stitching

Prize Choices from Previous Winners

I occurred to me we have not had any Pictures of the prize choices of the winners from June and July...so I managed to get some Pictures of what they chose.

our winner for June chose 4 fat quarters from the Fabric Cafe.
What a lovely choice of fabrics...she was so happy to get them and is figuring out what to make with them now.

our winner from July chose a Moda Happy Charm pack from The Fabric Cafe.
They look very Bright and fresh...I am not sure what Lois is going to do with this lovely prize.

Well you could be next to win a lovely prize from the Fabric Cafe or the Extra prize for this month.

But you have to be in it to win it.
keep an eye out for details of next months challenge...

Happy Sewing

August Challenge Counting Down

We have two more entries for the August Challenge...thanks Naomi and Pam, well done...Pam's is made from Lollies/Candy on the outside believe it or not...not sure about you but that would not last long in my house before the kids would have stripped it completely and left all the wrappers lying around.
I would need to wrap it up and hide it until Christmas day, it is terrific Pam. Naomi I love the little decorations on your tree, I can't quite tell what they are but they certainly make it look fabulous.
well according to the countdown timer we have 1 day and 8 hours left till the draw...come on Ladies I know some of you are out there working away at your little project...keep up the good work...and lets get those entries in, I would not want you to miss out on the opportunity to grab either of the prizes.


Monday, August 30, 2010

August Challenge Closing Soon

Well Ladies August is nearly Done...We have 2 more days and an Hour or so till the draw.
get those challenge Pictures to me ASAP to go in the Draw...I think I said in a previous post that you have until about 2 hours before the countdown timer ends to get the Pictures to me so I can put them up on my blog and do the draw.
Don't forget the Extra prize draw for this month....so we have 2 prizes for the month of August...look here for a picture of the extra prize.
so far we have some pretty good entries, well done to those ladies who have managed to get theirs in.
I am hoping we have few more out there working away...

Take a look at the latest two entries...Khristina and Wilma have sent in their photo's of their Table Decorations...aren't they gorgeous..we have so many talented people out there...well untill I blog again...
Happy Sewing

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Entry for August

Carolyn made this table topper and decorated the basket,  The Crazy Christmas trees are stitched with gold metallic thread using decorative stitches  giving it a little sparkle.

We only have a couple of days to go ladies get those entries in.


Friday, August 27, 2010

A new Book...Just in Time...

My New Book Fresh from the UK

I am so excited because my new book has arrived 9 days after I placed the order on the Book Depository

It has arrived in good timing just before the beginning of the challenge for September, which of course is a Doll...
This book has many doll patterns in it for Christmas so you could see why I am excited about getting it right now.
I have just placed another order with them today so look forward to the next delivery...did I mention there is no charge for postage to Australia (not sure about other countries) so I managed to get the book for a steal really.

In case you could not tell from the picture the book is a Tilda book by Tone Finnanger.
I really love her work. I have to say thanks to the ladies in My online Craft group for telling me about The Book Depository...I am sure it was one of the US gals that let us know about it. That is how we share good information about different places to buy our crafting supplies.

Take a look at the challenge entries for August in earlier posts...they are coming along just fine.
Well I best be off to read this lovely treasure...I was thinking of gardening tomorrow but have decided to get a head start on my September challenge item instead...

keep stitching Happily

Entries for August Challenge

Three more entries in the Challenge for August...lovely work ladies.

How is everyone going out there?? sewing like crazy?
have you had a chance to look at the "Extra" prize I have added for August?

Lois, the winner from the July challenge has posted a picture of her win if you would like to go see what she chose,click on her name.

well happy sewing until we talk again.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Extra Prize for August Challenge

4 Fat Quarters of Christmas Fabric

Here is the promised "Extra" prize for August...isn't it lovely.
We have 3 entries so far so the odds are high to win a prize...I hope you are all having a wonderful time sewing away preparing your entry for this month.

Just to clarify...the challenge called for a table decoration/ centrepiece...this means either a table decoration such as we have seen with Rita's entry of napkin rings or a centrepiece that we have seen with Karen's tree.
Sorry if this has caused anyone confusion...I hope this makes it a bit easier for you all.

well keep an eye on the countdown timer for the end of the challenge...make sure you get your entry in by the last day of the month (Aussie time). as long as the timer has 1 hour left on it you can put your entries in. this is over the end time but just to be a bit fairer for those living on the west coast of America it should get you past midnight into the first of the month.

so enough jibber jabber from me...I am going to have another go at the string squares I am trying out...wish me luck.

Stitching Hugs

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Repurposed Project

Hi folks I was desperste to get some crafting done this weekend after a couple of weeks without any time to actually do some.
What was going to be my inspiration?? well I bought a skirt for my DD. which she had sort of politely said Yuck to.
I knew I didn't want to give it away or let it sit in a cupboard somewhere to eaten by moths.
So I decided to Repurpose it
It started with a skirt, that looked too pretty ignore.

This skirt had a great waist band so I wanted to use that in the design of the bag.

First I decided how long I wanted the bag to be and cut it accordingly…mine was 12”

Notice the bag would have to be lined.

So with the off cut I measured and cut the appropriate amount to be the same as the bag itself but with a little extra on the edge to allow for ¼” seam.

With some more of the off cut I cut out 2 pieces 10” x 4 ¾” for a pocket. Then I over locked around 3 edges and left one open to turn the pocket out. I ironed the pocket and tucked under the edge that was left open for turning.

I over locked the base of the outer part of the bag.

I stitched the pocket to the inner lining.

I stitched up the edge of the inner lining, I turned the outside of the bag inside out. Now I had to line the bag. I slipped the lining over the (inside out) outer bag so I had the two wrong sides together. There was a bit of overlap from the waistband and it was perfect to tuck the lining under. I would follow the stitching line that was already there for the waistband.

This skirt had a zipper up the side, I decided I would leave it there. I unstitched the little bit of edge that was stitched to the zipper and tucked the edge of the lining snugly up against the overlap matching side seams. I pinned all the edge of the lining under the overlap.

I went ahead and stitched along the existing stitching line to stitch down the lining.
On the outside it looked like it had been part of the skirt stitching from the start.

Here you see the lined bag without handles.

I cut out 2 strips 2 ½” x 18 ½” from the off cuts and 2 the same size from a contrast fabric I just happened to have. I sewed a contrast piece and a floral piece right sides together leaving one end open on each handle. I turned them and ironed them.

I placed and pinned the handles into position, notice the top edge of what was the waistband.

I unpicked a bit of the upper edge of what was the waistband and tucked in the handle.
I then top stitched them, and they were now held into place.

This is the finished bag…who would have thought it was once a skirt.
I really like the colours, they are very summery.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I got up to yesterday.

Happy Stitching

Another Entry for August...

Hi everybody,
We have another entry in the challenge for August...hasn't she done a great job. these are felt napkin rings that you put the napkins in and place in the centre of the table as a centrepiece.

Well Ladies we have about ten days to go I hope you are enjoying the challenge...I hope you have found a pattern and are working away happily.

*Bonus Prize*
This month I have a bonus prize so keep an eye on my blog for what that will be...it will be drawn along with the August draw....

Don't forget you have to be in it to win it...our time zones vary ladies so to get your entry in on time remember closing of the draw is Australian Time...just look at the clock above.

*September Challenge*
next months challenge is a doll...so be keeping an eye out for a pattern of what you want to make ladies...

Till next time, hope you have a wonderful time crafting...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August challenge Entries

Well the first entry is in...thanks Karen...actually if there was a prize for first to finish it would be Karen...

I know it is difficult trying to choose what to make but at some stage we have to bite the bullet and make something to get it in on time.

hopefully we will see a good variety of things over the next 3 days...

Hopefully there are more to come...