Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Season of Huggles- A Challenge.

June, July and August are going to be Huggles season for me I have decided to have a challenge to try to add to the Huggle numbers for our Ethiopian Compassion children.
if you are not sure what I am talking about have a look at this post.

There will be prizes...

Starting on the first day of June...
There are a couple of ways to do this, you can either make up as many complete Huggles as you can and post them to me, or make them up fully (including face) and send them to me without stuffing and I can stuff them here.
every person who makes them and sends them goes in the draw for a prize at the end of the challenge...
I will have 3 prizes...More on this later.

On the sidebar of my blog you will see a tally for how many Huggles we have so far and how many we need...please keep an eye on this, I will put the numbers up as I receive them.

I am also going to have a Huggle-Fest in the near future, a get together to sew together some Huggles...keep an eye out for this too, you may not be in the area but you may know someone who is and would like to meet up and sew for a cause.

Keep an eye out for future posts regarding this challenge.

to sign up please leave a comment on this post or if Google is still playing up please send me an email here... once at my profile click on the email word below the picture to send me an email.

Ladies Please think about doing this challenge, it will help some lovely Compassion children in Ethiopia. there will be many pictures of your Huggles being adored by the children after September.

Happy Stitching


Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Fur-Baby

This is "Cosmo" our new Fur-Baby...isn't he adorable

Cosmo is 8 years old and needed to be re-housed because his loving family moved out to the country and their home had no fencing. they were very sad that they had to leave him with family members here in town, but the family in town already had 3 dogs so it was an impossible situation...We had been looking for a dog for ages  but waiting for the right one to come along.
Cosmo is a purebred Miniature Poodle and has an amazing personality, He was considered a "Special Needs Dog" because of some quirky little behaviors. when alone he becomes very distressed and cries and yelps...He fits in well because we have someone home 99% of the time. 
the photo above shows Cossie before his haircut on Tuesday have a look at him in the photo below...a little bit of a difference.
We are so happy to have Cosmo as our baby, he has a loving personality that really fits in so well with each of our family members even the Cat "Aetius" who has always felt he is the king of the house...when they first met Aetius was a bit put off but by the end of the first week He was quite used to Cosmo and now they close to sitting together on the couch to cuddle and warm up together.

Thank you for dropping by and meeting Cosmo, I will post more pictures as time goes by and Cosmo has more adventures with us.

Big Hugs
Happy Stitching


Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

Our church decided to cancel the second service on Mothers Day and instead hold a morning tea for our Ladies. It was a ticketed event so the Ladies had to get their tickets in advance, but some were still available at the door.
The first service was fantastic and then we flowed out to the cafe for our special Ladies event. we provided the usual coffee and tea for after the first service, but in a different location to normal, in the Foyer.

What a fantastic morning we had at church for mothers day, a group of our men were our waiters for the morning, they served us well. they were dressed in black pants, white shirts with gloves and a pale pink cloth draped over their arms (just like real waiters) to mop up any spills I guess, I am not really sure of the original function of the cloths for waiters, I assume it was a tea towel used to mop up messes or carry hot plates etc But for aesthetic reasons we had them, I sewed them up on Saturday, the day before Mothers Day...I have sore shoulders from hunching over the machine...

Our waiters lined the entry and guided us to our tables as we arrived. they all looked very presentable...Did I mention even some of our Pastors and Elders were waiters...

If you look behind our smiling waiter you will notice the Band that we had playing for a good part of the morning, they sang quite a lot of classics from the 50's and 60's even some Elvis, which went down very well with the Ladies.

This was a morning tea our Women's Ministry put on for Mothers Day  and we had around 40 Ladies who had never been to a church before, or not to our church.
We had 150 women who had such a fantastic time,  we ate scones and sipped tea or coffee that was served to us by our lovely waiters.
We had our "Hands Up" people there (deaf community) they were served by one of their own wonderful Men who has the ability read lips as well as sign, which was quite helpful for us to be able to serve the Ladies well. you can see the interpreter signing the message to the "Hands Up" group.

Our guest speaker was Kelly Chelsom from Perth in WA, she was so amazing. 
She spoke about a slogan she has seen often in Asia "same same but different"  which tied in to life with her children and others. 
She shared about her boys and their personalities and how we treat people by the same measure of love but differently to suit their personality types. for instance, how you discipline a child who is tender hearted is different to how you discipline your head strong child.
she also talked about Grace and Mercy and how it is disappearing from society and how we need to bestow those gifts upon our fellow man...of course she is perfectly correct.

What a fantastic morning for so many beautiful Ladies...I am so grateful for the efforts of many people including the Maitre de  my Hubby...

If you are celebrating Mothers Day in your country today (or yesterday for us) I hope you have a fantastic Mothers Day and that you will be blessed beyond reason.

Many Hugs and Happy Stitching