Monday, April 25, 2011


What an amazing time of year for us, we have just celebrated the death and resurrection of our savior Jesus amazing time for reflection into ones own personal world and how we treat our fellow man...I pray I can be more loving toward those people around me and in my sphere of influence.

I have had a very busy school holidays, it would seem nothing got done but I was still so very busy...

I had a lovely win over the holidays...
This gorgeous coin purse from A Stitch of Hope go have a look at what they do...

Huggles for Ethiopia
Well I did manage to get some bodies made for the Huggles...but alas they are faceless so far...I have yet to stuff them and stitch on their little faces.
I will endeavor to make more each week, but it has been so very busy...the deadline is 1st of September so if you are one of the gorgeous ladies making some Huggles please let me know how you are going, as I am feeling a bit lonely here in solo Hugglesville...
a reminder of what this is all about can be found here.

A range of Huggles
Well Ladies out there in Blog Land keep up the good work with all the various crafts that you do, you inspire and encourage others with the great crafting you do.

until next time
Happy Stitching


Saturday, April 9, 2011


The ABC's of Me

I was looking at the blogs I follow and stumbled upon Joy’s post of the ABC’s of her. I thought this was a fabulous idea so here is mine.

Age: 44  Bed Size: Queen with pillow top mattress Chore You Hate: Cat Litter tray cleaning Dogs: none Essential Start of Your Day: Walk Favorite Color: Pink Gold or Silver: Gold Height: 1.6m Instruments You Play: Spoons  Job Title: Mum, Wife and teacher Kids: 3- 2DD, 1DS Live: Queensland Australia Mom's Name: Rita  Nicknames: Mandy Overnight Hospital Stays: Yes 2 MYOB Pet Peeve: Bad manners, tardiness and just plain rude people Quote From a Movie: “……Are we Lovers that you would thee and thou me…”Bedlam” very old movie Right- or Left-Handed: Right Siblings: 1 older sister, 1 younger sister and 1 younger brother Time You Wake Up: Usually around 5am -ish. Underwear: Definitely Veggie You Dislike: brussel sprouts yuck  What Makes You Run Late: nothing, I am always on time or earlier X-Rays You Have Had: too many Yummy Food You Make: I make a very nice coconut cream pie the kids love it Zoo Animal You Like Best: Monkey’s

Why don’t you have a bit of fun and post this (with your own answers of course) it is a great way to learn a bit more about each other.

Friday, April 8, 2011

What Have I Been Up To

Well dear ladies out there in Blog Land it has been a very busy last few weeks, I have not had much time to craft i am afraid...I did manage to get a couple of Owls done for DD2's friend for her birthday and also made a few Healing Hearts for some gorgeous Ladies but apart from that it is all quiet here on the sewing front.

Tomorrow is another day though, so I intend to get out my sewing music and stitch away...I have a few owls and teddies traced out for the Ethiopia Children but have yet to sew them up so that gives me something to start with.

I am not sure if it is the same where you all are in the world but it just seems like the cost of living has gone through the roof...I had to put some fuel in the car the other day but the price was so high I begrudged paying that amount per litre, so I only put $15 in and boy I was cranky when I turned on the key and the fuel light was still on and the low fuel alarm still went off...

More and more I feel the push to get back to basics and stop this crazy merry go round we live on. we don't have to have the best of everything but we tell ourselves we do. we get sucked into thinking that if we don't have this or that then life will not be as good.

how about when grandma was alive and we would go to her house? there were always fresh cookies for a snack and a meal easily prepared and ready for a hungry kid.
we have become so busy that when it comes to meal time if we have any energy left to cook we don't always manage to do it...well why would you when there are so many places that will cook for you.

 One of the saddest things I find is when take away food is cheaper than healthy fresh food. the obesity epidemic is out of control and we still continue to "Dine out". I am not too sure about other countries but here in Australia it has become quite a problem...we seem to have lost the "Family Meal Time" where we all sit down together and have a fantastic home cooked meal prepared by Mum or Grandma and we talked and listened to how each others day went.

Can we fix this? of course we can but how?
one of my latest urges is to cook from scratch, wholesome and healthy foods. nothing too fancy but very healthy, to steal back our family time and get those fun times of laughing together over a meal happening again.
 For a few months now I have been very mindful of what we eat and where (at home or out).
 I have also been working on a menu plan again ( I had one years ago when the girls were very young) and shopping accordingly. I know that it takes time initially but once you have a good menu plan and shopping list too it will be much easier than guessing what is for dinner tonight and being tempted to eat out because it is more convenient.

I would love to hear of some of your favourite Blogs about this subject, just leave me a comment with your favourite blog .
Enjoy a couple of my favourite Blogs

now whilst on this Back to Basics kind of thinking it also occurred to me that we should be doing the same with gifts for Birthdays etc.
It is not a cheap exercise to buy gifts for family and friends anymore and I have decided to work on making gifts for Christmas this year. but more about that later I think.

this has become quite a long post so I will sign off now, hopefully I will have some sewing to share in the next few days so until then

Happy Stitching Ladies...