Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Productive Day.

Well I had a lot of fun today after church...I have been itching to try to make these lovely little baskets I found ages ago at The Sometimes Crafter .

I was inspired again when Jenny of ELEPHANTZ posted about something similar. so today was the day...I had the afternoon to my self (yes it was all about Me). I made just two of the baskets up but will make some more very soon...they are so easy. I would suggest you look at both tutorials to get a good idea of how to do it if you are new to this kind of thing like I am. they are very rewarding because you feel like you have accomplished something in such a short time.

I decided to put my fabrics in them so I can see what I have...I have to make up a few more to get all the fabrics out.

I have a friend coming over on Thursday so I am going to see if she wants to try to make one with me. I think it will be fun for Her, and she will surprise herself.
I have also been drooling over some of the gorgeous fabrics Khris has at The Fabric Cafe.
I have some in mind to make these lovely baskets out of. you could use most any fabric for these...even plastic fabrics to make some for the bathroom.
I spent most of yesterday afternoon cleaning and rearranging My sewing room...finally it works for me. Wayne, Elijah and I spent most of the morning at our church car-Boot-Sale, they are going to have them once a month now...all funds raised goes to the house of love in orphanage that some of our Mission Families have spent a lot of time building up and caring for the children who are dumped. I can not think of a better cause.
well till next time...Happy Crafting All.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy Weekend Sewing.

I found the link Khris put up on FREEBIES FOR CRAFTERS for the Prim Bunny on Prim Patterns and Handmade. I thought I would give it a go. I have never done anything like this before so it was a challenge to do it and have it done by the 23rd of Feb. I thoroughly enjoyed myself...I had all day practically yesterday to dedicate to myself and sewing. you see the result on the right...the little character with my bunny is Her pet potato (I know it is weird but I wanted something different).
I am enjoying learning lots...

Today (Sunday) I had the afternoon to myself so I thought I would try to make something from out of my head...I decided I like Teacups so why don't I make a Teacup pincushion. I drew the pattern up and sewed it up in the space of a couple of hours. it is not perfect (neither is my bunny) but it was a great experience trying to pull something from the recesses of my brain.
I enjoyed myself and now have a pin cushion to give to my daughter. i will try to make another one when I get more time so I can perfect it a bit better.
I do so love Sewing...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nana's Room

Well Rita (Mummy) you have waited long enough to view the Nana part of our new house. I must say it is not quite finished off though, still adding stuff all the time.
The Gorgeous bed (I love pink you see).

Here are some pics of your Dragon Tea Set Mum.

Made in Hong Kong.

you can see the Tea cups and saucers. there are 6 of them.

in the photo on the right you can see the sugar bowl, milk jug and creamer...unfortunately there is no Teapot. I am sure you may be able to find something in a plain colour to match it. or just use teabags....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Craft I Have Done Recently.

Here are some pics of some of the little crafts I have had time for in the last month or so.

Cupcake pin cushions...inspired by my Daughter Rheyanan who happens to love all things cupcake.

And this lovely little redwork for my Hubby at Valentines Day, He might think it a bit girlie but He will just have to look at it everyday when I put it in a frame and hang it near His side of the bed. Hehehe.

Moved in But....

Well we have moved in to our new home, but it will take a few weeks to get everything in its place I dare say.
The house is lovely, the kids are totally wrapped with the size of is Wayne of course. We have 3 spare bedrooms can you believe it...well one is classed as a study and we don't have a spare single bed to put in it so it's being used for the ironing and folding room.
We do have a particular room that is known as Nana's room...she will have to come down to visit to see it in its entirety. I will put up some pictures of it another day.

the Sewing room/school room is just massive and I have yet to get everything put in an orderly place...we have had to start school work today in a bit of a mess but it will eventually get sorted out.
I am so desperate to do some sewing that I think I can't wait for the time that the room is ready for me to get into being creative.
I have had a few visitors, always love friends coming to visit (after lunch and the school work is done of course).
Will post more pictures at a later date.