Sunday, May 30, 2010

...Finished Some Projects...

Look At This Great Bag Pattern...

I made up Khris's Sling Bag last week in my spare time, I even had to give Khris a call because I had not made it up before and needed to clarify something (or was it just an excuse to have a chat??) I am happy with the bag and am pleased to recommend it to everyone...

I also had a chance to sew up another little owl for a dear lady...who shall remain nameless until such time as I get it in the post to her.

This is the one I made for Khris for our "Mothers Day Swap"...I just love this pattern...thanks to Emily at Toads Treasures .

I did not get much time to sew this weekend (as I planned to embrace my sewing machine fully) due to being "Mum the Taxi Driver"...Elijah had a birthday party on Saturday morning which finished in the afternoon, but I had to take Wayne off to work in the middle of it all so no sewing for this little Duck. I did start sewing some of the coasters I wanted to get done.
And this evening (Sunday Night) had a little go at the "Log Cabin Quilt- As -You Go- Quilt" on Freebies for Crafters, Thanks Khris for the link.
it is getting a bit late for me now so I bid you all Good Evening...

Remember we were all wonder we are so creative.

Happy Sewing

Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Little Things"

While I was recuperating and mum was here we did a couple of little projects to keep us busy...truthfully we both would have gone nuts if we did not have something to do.
so the first little thing I did was to make an IPhone cover for my eldest daughters IPhone.

I cut them out and put the applique on and Mum did the hand stitching.
a very nice combined effort I think.

this is the finished product...we also made one for Mum's phone.

well as the week progressed and I felt a bit better we started on a sewing caddy Tutorial Link that we found on freebies for crafters (thanks Ladies) by Ginabean handmade.
we went to bargain box and got some cute fabrics, well that was tiring and I wished I had much more money to spend.
Mum did the first bag so she could get a feel for the pattern (and because I was way too tired to make anything that day).
After a few adjustments she finished it...and I think it is fantastic.
the next day I had a go, well Mum did the hard work of cutting out because I was just too sore to do it. I did do all the sewing though.

this is my bag which I am currently using as a handbag for the time being (until I grow tired of it I guess).

Mum's bag and my bag together.
don't they look great...
well enough blogging today..will rest and hopefully get to some more over the weekend.
Happy sewing everyone...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well it was an experience, my stay at St. Andrews was quite pleasant and most of the nursing staff were just wonderful.
The nicest nurse was not on the payroll though...after my surgery when I was back in my room and recovering (sleeping lots) from the anesthetic my darling husband gave me a bed bath and changed my clothes, straightened my bed (probably because a messy bed drives him nuts). He said to me that I would feel better after I have a wash and get changed...He was right of course.
It really pays to have a Husband who is an RN, I have to have needles each day for blood clots so Wayne gets to do that too. and he is really gentle...lucky Me.

I am home from hospital, came home at 2pm Saturday. I was feeling fine in hospital and wanted to get home so the Doctor said go home.

Mothers Day Sunday was a doozy, we had a lovely breakfast and then lunch with my mum and all my family. it was lovely but I was the sickest I have been since the op. Wayne called it the day 4 is said day 4 after surgery is the worst, well someone could have reminded me and I could have moved our mothers day to Monday..oh well never mind.

Monday was the only day that Wayne was home from work and Mum was with us too so they all decided to take me out for the morning, which was fine cause I was feeling good (famous last words). we all went off to the Brisbane Art Gallery to see the Ron Mueck display.

I slept well that night that's for sure...more about the art gallery in a later post.

need to rest...

happy sewing


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here I Hospital

Well Here I sit in a lovely hospital bed surrounded by gorgeous flowers and a beautiful view of Thorn street.
covered by the lovely lap quilt Mum made for me earlier this year. when the Family visited after my surgery mum brought out the quilt and put it on me. well I have so many nurses and Doctors asking about it...what a great conversation starter. a lot of the lovely nurses are interested in quilting and craft in general, some have spoken about taking classes and getting really involved. It has made me think about how much brighter kids hospital rooms would be if they had these lovely kinds of quilts on their beds.
I guess it's a thought...

I must admit it makes the hospital room look so much nicer and makes me feel very comfortable.
obviously I am feeling better now and should be coming home today. I have had a chance to have a little look at what people are doing in the craft/blog world. I am inspired by so many things and just can't wait to get back to my sewing room and fabrics.
so until I post next, happy sewing...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

...Mothers Day Swap...

Wow I was blown away by what the postie dropped off today...I was in a "Mothers Day" swap with the online craft group I am in (great bunch of ladies) My swap Partner was Khris.

She has done such a terrific job with everything I am so happy..thanks so much Khris for such a lovely mothers day surprise...

And before you say it...yes I know I have opened it before Mothers Day but....I am going to hospital and so i had to open it before I went in case I was not home by mothers day (which is quite possible)...well that's My story and I am sticking to it.

I truly feel so blessed by this lovely gift, Thanks again Khris.

M- is for Mug with coasters

O- is for Owl bookmark

T- is for Tea Bag holder (to keep in my purse)

H- is for Hand cream and Heart fabric.

E - is for Mary Engelbreit note pad and ezy coin purse.

R- is for Raggedy Ann Pin Cushion.