Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well it was an experience, my stay at St. Andrews was quite pleasant and most of the nursing staff were just wonderful.
The nicest nurse was not on the payroll though...after my surgery when I was back in my room and recovering (sleeping lots) from the anesthetic my darling husband gave me a bed bath and changed my clothes, straightened my bed (probably because a messy bed drives him nuts). He said to me that I would feel better after I have a wash and get changed...He was right of course.
It really pays to have a Husband who is an RN, I have to have needles each day for blood clots so Wayne gets to do that too. and he is really gentle...lucky Me.

I am home from hospital, came home at 2pm Saturday. I was feeling fine in hospital and wanted to get home so the Doctor said go home.

Mothers Day Sunday was a doozy, we had a lovely breakfast and then lunch with my mum and all my family. it was lovely but I was the sickest I have been since the op. Wayne called it the day 4 is said day 4 after surgery is the worst, well someone could have reminded me and I could have moved our mothers day to Monday..oh well never mind.

Monday was the only day that Wayne was home from work and Mum was with us too so they all decided to take me out for the morning, which was fine cause I was feeling good (famous last words). we all went off to the Brisbane Art Gallery to see the Ron Mueck display.

I slept well that night that's for sure...more about the art gallery in a later post.

need to rest...

happy sewing


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  1. Amanda, glad to hear that you are back home!!!
    Hope you have a very prompt recovery to get back to your lovely works!
    Take care,