Sunday, May 30, 2010

...Finished Some Projects...

Look At This Great Bag Pattern...

I made up Khris's Sling Bag last week in my spare time, I even had to give Khris a call because I had not made it up before and needed to clarify something (or was it just an excuse to have a chat??) I am happy with the bag and am pleased to recommend it to everyone...

I also had a chance to sew up another little owl for a dear lady...who shall remain nameless until such time as I get it in the post to her.

This is the one I made for Khris for our "Mothers Day Swap"...I just love this pattern...thanks to Emily at Toads Treasures .

I did not get much time to sew this weekend (as I planned to embrace my sewing machine fully) due to being "Mum the Taxi Driver"...Elijah had a birthday party on Saturday morning which finished in the afternoon, but I had to take Wayne off to work in the middle of it all so no sewing for this little Duck. I did start sewing some of the coasters I wanted to get done.
And this evening (Sunday Night) had a little go at the "Log Cabin Quilt- As -You Go- Quilt" on Freebies for Crafters, Thanks Khris for the link.
it is getting a bit late for me now so I bid you all Good Evening...

Remember we were all wonder we are so creative.

Happy Sewing


  1. The bag is so lovely and you can carry a lot of the things we normally need!!
    The owl cushion is so nice!!!
    Congratulations for your works

  2. Well done on the sling bag Amanda....its love that OWL....he is so hooting cute....hugs Khris

  3. Great job on the bag, I love the fabric you used....and as for the owl....well hoot's great. Glad you're now feeling well enough to sew again. Hugs Naomi

  4. Great bag Amanda. You will love it!

  5. Beautiful purple bag!!!! love it!

    hugz, Pam

  6. The bag looks perfect Amanda! love the fabric. The owl is a cutie!
    hugs Karen

  7. Thanks Ladies, you are all so kind.
    it was a teriffic pattern from Khris...might make another one up for DD2...just to pic the right fabric now.

  8. Love the fabric you used for the bag Amanda, it turned out great, and how cute is that owl, really need to make the grandkids one of those.

  9. Well done its really great and the owl is a cutie eh

  10. I like your bag a girl can never have tooooo many bags.