Friday, July 30, 2010

***More Entries for July***

Three more entries in the July ladies you have been very busy and put a lot of effort into your entries.

not long to go now before entries close and the prize is drawn...

get your fingers stitching away and get those entries in...

Last months winner Leanne has received her fabrics and is so happy with them...she is a bit unwell at present so when she is better I will get her to take a picture of her win booty and post it for all to see.

keep up the good work ladies...

Happy Stitching


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look at My New Baby

I am excited about my new's a Janome My Lock 744D.
we took a drive down to Browns Plains to a little shop I wanted to look at this morning.
well Hubby said "lets get an overlocker for you"...Shocking Statement from a Man, I know...
But boy what a man...well at first I just thought about cost and do I really need it (I guess if we get down to it I don't really NEED anything) so we went for a coffee and lunch to think about it.
I was looking at the cheaper one and He said no get this one instead as it's better.
well we paid and brought my new little baby to spend a few days learning how this one came with an instructional DVD and great book so I may be quiet for a day or two.
I do have a couple of skirts to sew up for DD2 so I better get Cracking...
Overlocking Hugs

More Entries for July Challenge

We have more entries for the July challenge...Lois and Wilma have sent in their pictures.
don't they look great.
**you may have noticed a change in the picture arrangement in the original post for all the entries for July.
well I have had some problems with blogger and lost a few of the I had to upload them again so they are not in the original order... sorry about that...but they should all still be there...if your picture is missing please email me so i can upload it again...oh just crazy this blogger sometimes.
not long now Ladies before the end of the challenge for July. don't forget to get those entries in...Khris has new fabrics and Charm packs in the oztion shop to choose from for prizes.
Happy Sewing

Monday, July 26, 2010

More Pictures for July challenge

Three more lovely entries for July in the Christmas challenge.

don't they look great...ladies you have 5 and a half days left to get the pictures of the finished product in to me so I can put your name in the draw....

I hope you all are well and having a wonderful time sewing away.

Big Hugs


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well I popped in to a Quilting shop on my way to see my Aunt this morning and OMG I was so awestruck at how much lovely stuff they have. I was bummed because I just did not have enough time to spend there... I wanted to visit my aunt for a good amount of time and it was running short.
I came across a gorgeous book by "Tilda" full of Homestyle Christmas projects.
It drew me from across the had some kind of "Magic Power"...well it had to or why else would I be so smitten by it.
I think the biggest draw for me was the PINK crafts on the cover...I love case you did not know by now.
I am fully going to read this book cover to cover and I would like to make as many of the crafts as I possibly can.
I do love the fabrics she uses but have discovered they are not as easily available as the fabrics I usually source from the US.
Oh Why???
Why don't we have a supplier here in Australia??? If any of my lovely knowledgeable blog friends has any idea of where I can source Tilda fabrics from in Australia...please please let me know.
Anyhow I better get going to have a good read of this lovely book and then a good feel of the new fabric I got this morning from the quilt shop.
big hugs

Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Entries for July

Ladies we have two more entries for the July Challenge...check them out.

Naomi, with her lovely choice in fabrics. love those blues.
And Khristina...
Don't you love the ginger bread men...and are they octagons?? you are very clever Khristina.
Well Ladies you are running out of time to finish your Table Runner or Place mat. are you sewing away and getting it done?
have a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the pleasure you get from being creative.
big Sewing Hugs

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July Challenge...

How are you going with your challenge for July??

we have four finished and posted so far, have a look at the post.

I have to say I do Love Marilyn's fabric with the poodles...have a close look...they are holding Pink Christmas trees.

I love pink, so anything with pink in it has to be gorgeous.

I see so much effort put into these table runners and place mats and am just so impressed with the talent you ladies have.
keep up the good work ladies.
Don't forget to email me a picture of your completed item for July and post it on your blog as well.
well I am looking forward to the rest of the items we have yet to come in this challenge...get busy Ladies and sew away.
big hugs

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Christmas Challenge - July Entries


I have just finished mine and added it, this is the first time I have used the quilt as you go method and the first time I made my own binding and managed to get it on looking OK. Ladies if I can do it you certainly can..

How are you all going with your Table Runner or Place has been a real challenge for Me as I am only new to the techniques used in quilt as you go...
I have to say Ladies I love the fabrics you have chosen, the colours are wonderful.

More to come...

Have a great time making your challenge item ladies, don't forget to send me a copy of the Picture of your challenge item and then blog about it.

Crafty Hugs

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July challenge Item...

Hello July...I realize we are ten days into it already but I am a bit slow this month due to the cold weather we have been having...bring on Summer I say.
Well Ladies how are you all going with your challenge for July??
I have been truly challenged with the table runner but I live in hope to get it done and for it to look OK.
Sometimes what we need is a little challenge in life to get us motivated and moving.
Please leave me a comment or two to let me know how you are all going. Along with the challenge for July I also have an order to make a couple of things for a friends baby, I do have plenty of time but I like to try to get things done when I can so I have set my own deadline for the end of August (baby due end of October).
Ladies I have decided do the draw at 4pm on the 1st of August for the July challenge.
I found that all of the entries were in (that were going to be in) and I still had 2 hours before the deadline, I also was pressed for time as we were heading into Brisbane for a meeting and I needed to leave before 6pm so I drew the June draw early.
I will put up another countdown clock for the July draw.
Well ladies happy sewing, remember to email me if you have any concerns with the challenge.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

The Winner for June is....Drum roll please...

Congratulations Leanne L you are the lucky winner for the month of June...great effort everyone.

I put all the numbers in a random number generator and out came number 12...hey presto we had a winner.
Leanne if you could go to the fabric cafe and choose either 4 fat Quarters or 1 charm pack, then email me what you want and your postal details so I can contact Khris to get it posted off to you.
how exciting ladies...looking forward to the end of July when we do this again.