Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well I popped in to a Quilting shop on my way to see my Aunt this morning and OMG I was so awestruck at how much lovely stuff they have. I was bummed because I just did not have enough time to spend there... I wanted to visit my aunt for a good amount of time and it was running short.
I came across a gorgeous book by "Tilda" full of Homestyle Christmas projects.
It drew me from across the had some kind of "Magic Power"...well it had to or why else would I be so smitten by it.
I think the biggest draw for me was the PINK crafts on the cover...I love case you did not know by now.
I am fully going to read this book cover to cover and I would like to make as many of the crafts as I possibly can.
I do love the fabrics she uses but have discovered they are not as easily available as the fabrics I usually source from the US.
Oh Why???
Why don't we have a supplier here in Australia??? If any of my lovely knowledgeable blog friends has any idea of where I can source Tilda fabrics from in Australia...please please let me know.
Anyhow I better get going to have a good read of this lovely book and then a good feel of the new fabric I got this morning from the quilt shop.
big hugs


  1. I'm Jealous,
    I want one .
    Dolly Hugs to you.

  2. I could get some for you Amanda. I'm in the UK and they're readily available. I've got all of the books - they're fab. I'll email you. Lynda x