Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Huggles Arrive, and Fishing

Wow the Huggles are really coming in now...thanks to Rosie for a bunch of gorgeous Huggles that arrived today, aren't they just delightful. Go and have a look at Rosie's blog...very good reading.

I will endeavour to post a picture of the Ethiopia team packing the little bags for the children (minus the Huggles, they will go to them at the end of August) just having some tech problems getting the pictures...keep an eye out.

We took DS 12 out last week to do a little fishing as he had said he would like to try it...a couple of cheap rods and a little drive to Moogerah Dam and we were having fun throwing a line in.

He liked it so much he wanted us to go again the next day...well I had a doctors appointment so we had to wait till today (Saturday) is a picture of our 3 kids fishing at Atkinsons Dam here in the Lockyer Valley. Even the dog loved it...It was very relaxing and we had a lovely lunch by the water...can't wait for the next time...oh by the way we never caught  single fish...lots of Dam Weeds..

Well I hope you all are doing fine and enjoying life...
Happy Stitching till next time


Friday, July 22, 2011

More Huggles Arrive

Thanks so much PIP for the latest Owls to arrive here on my doorstep...
Aren't they gorgeous...
What a blessing these are, absolutely everyone loves these owls, imagine how much the children will enjoy cuddling these little beauties.

I have had some issues with contacting people when asked to send my postal address...if you need me to contact you please make sure your email that is linked to your blog is correct and active...I can't post my address on here or post my email address (neither should you) because they end up on spam lists and junk emails start to come in by the dozen.
I hope today is a nice day for you, here in Sunny Queensland we are warming up a bit but still a bit cold .
I hope you all have a nice relaxing day as we head in to the weekend, and get lots of stitching done.

Happy Stitching
and Big Hugs to you all.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Patterns For Huggles...

Ladies and Gents I have come across a few links to share with you for Softies that can be made for the Huggles for Ethiopia challenge.

Hope you like them.
Click on the name to go to the site and get your free pattern.

Little Teddy (sorry no picture)

Well my lovelies that is enough for now, I do have to get my day started and get DS into his school work...
to all and Happy stitching...


Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Couple of Good Ideas...Just For A Change.

I have been too busy to Blog Hop too much in the last few months (sadly) but today is a new day and I am determined to do something that helps me to relax, apart from sewing.
So here we are with a few of the things I have seen out there in Blogland lately...Enjoy...

This is a lovely tutorial to show you how you can make your very own tabletop ironing board by Lil Blue Boo.

what a great idea, I may make one of these yet.

I always liked the look of these gorgeous camera straps, as opposed to the ugly ones that come with your camera when you purchase it.
Have a look at what Ikatbag has created, you are only limited by your imagination and the fabric you have...

Well that was just two lovely things I have seen out there in Blogland, there are so many more gorgeous things to make or just be inspired by.
have a look and see what you can find...comment me and show me some of your amazing finds...I am always open to see new and awesome things that you all are sewing out there.

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Arrivals and Something Special...

Some gorgeous fabrics from the very generous Anna have arrived safe and sound, I will use these to make some Huggles for the cause. Thanks heaps Anna for the fabrics they are just perfect.

Another safe arrival came just yesterday all the way from the USA from Karen.

Isn't he just very lucky little boy or girl in Ethiopia is going to fall in love with this little fellow.
Thanks so much Karen for such an amazing Monkey, he will be a blessing.

Ladies please keep those Huggles coming, we have just over a month left before you need to get the Huggles in to go in the prize draw... so far we have 4 people in the draw and 7 prizes...odds for a prize are pretty good.

I also have to say that my dear husband has been working very hard lately to save up for a little treasure for himself, but was very disappointed when yet again he was not paid properly (he works for QLD Health who has been having pay problems for over a year now).
He went off to work this morning thinking that all hope of getting himself an Ipad 2 was lost...But I am able to work wonders with the budget and managed to find exactly what he was after for a good price.

So when he gets home from work tonight after a long and very busy 12 hour shift guess what will be sitting on his desk...
I am sure he will be very happy, he deserves it...

Off I go now, to my sewing room to see what amazing creation I can come up doubt it will be a little Huggle creation...

Happy Stitching everyone...