Friday, July 22, 2011

More Huggles Arrive

Thanks so much PIP for the latest Owls to arrive here on my doorstep...
Aren't they gorgeous...
What a blessing these are, absolutely everyone loves these owls, imagine how much the children will enjoy cuddling these little beauties.

I have had some issues with contacting people when asked to send my postal address...if you need me to contact you please make sure your email that is linked to your blog is correct and active...I can't post my address on here or post my email address (neither should you) because they end up on spam lists and junk emails start to come in by the dozen.
I hope today is a nice day for you, here in Sunny Queensland we are warming up a bit but still a bit cold .
I hope you all have a nice relaxing day as we head in to the weekend, and get lots of stitching done.

Happy Stitching
and Big Hugs to you all.


1 comment:

  1. Oh good they arrived safely, I see they're all ready for their next trip. It's cold here today 3C the coldest we've had in ages, a good day to stay inside and stitch