Friday, June 4, 2010

Christmas in July...Well sort of.

There have been a few Christmas in July themed challenges and sew-a-longs that I have seen around just lately. some are extremely expensive just to join up... it got me thinking...why can't we do that without all the great expense? so I have decided to put up a little challenge...oh what fun we will have.

My Challenge

Basically we will make 1 item a month from now until the end of November. So that is 6 items all together.

I want to encourage novice sewers to take part in this challenge too so I Will make it a bit easier on all of us by allowing you a lot of freedom in what style and pattern you choose. we will have 4 basic items that I have chosen to make and 2 items that will be open.

To Join:

To be a part of the fun there are just a couple of requirements.

1) you don't have to follow me, but it may be a good way for you to keep track of the challenge.

2) Post about the challenge on your blog.
3) Always be Encouraging, we are not all expert sewers so the best way to be an encouragement is to "Be Nice".
4) Have Fun.

And so as to create more fun there will also be prizes. (at the end of post)

Item List:

June: An Ornament for the tree- your choice of what to make and what medium you use. e.g. fabric, paper etc.

July: A Place mat or Table Runner- your choice of style.
Medium: fabric

August: A Table decoration/ centrepiece - your choice of medium again.

September: A Doll - you can choose to make an Angel or Santa or a Reindeer etc. what ever you choose it has to be made from fabric.

October: your choice - make it from fabric but it must be Christmassy..

November: your choice - any medium.

the theme is of course Christmas so all items must be be Christmassy.

The finish date is the 30th of the month, at the end of the following day (31st or 1st) I will check out your items and get the random generator to pick a winner.
Note: the delay in picking a winner is to allow for time zones to catch up.

To help you with ideas you can go to Freebies for Craft and get free patterns to download from many different people on the net. just have a look at the categories on the right hand side of the site for Christmas.

Some Rules.

to keep it fair and as for everything in life there have to be some rules.

1) to go in the draw you must finish your item.

2) post about it on your blog.

3) Please leave a comment so I know you are joining the challenge.

4) send me a pic so I can post about it to keep everyone updated.

Let There Be Prizes.
Now of course there will be Prizes, at the end of each month there will be a draw using a random number generator. to be eligible see the rules.
one lucky winner will be the new owner of 4 Fat Quarters of their choice from The Fabric Cafe.
there will also be random extra prizes along the way.
So are you up to the challenge...are you in for the fun...the satisfaction of making something for Christmas, either for yourself or to give to a friend.
I will be starting my first item on the weekend.
Hopefully I have not left anything out, if you think I have then please email me.
If you have any problems please don't hesitate to email me here.
Happy sewing friends.


  1. I'm in if you'll have me....might inspire me to make Christmas presents whilst I'm doing the challenge....I'm hoping to have a mainly handmade Christmas this here's hoping. Hugs Naomi

  2. Awesome Amanda....cant wait to see what everybody comes up with....and of course I will play along...hugs Khris

  3. Sounds like a great idea. And I'm hoping everyone will come share what they've created in my virtual Christmas Quilt Show this coming season.


  4. Thanks Girls, it will be fun for sure.

  5. This sounds like fun - I'm in!

    (word verification = boogi - very appropriate, I think!)

  6. This sounds absolutely fantastic, nothing better than a head start on Christmas...I'm in!

  7. Count me in Amanda

  8. Ok i will give it a go Amanda,I know i said i wouldn't but may be i need the challenge will blog about it tomorrow.

  9. Hi Amanda,
    Sounds like fun, count me in!

    hugz, Pam

  10. Here I am Amanda. I'll give it a go. I hope I can keep up. LOL


  11. Hey sis, I will be in on the fun.

    Bless you

  12. I'm in. I can't believe it; but I'm in.

  13. I am in too. I need another project, but this time I am going to be making something for ME.

  14. Hi again. Here is my blog address.

  15. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Amanda
    Happy Birthday to you


  16. Count me in! I need a push to get busy on Christmas gifts and this is just want I need!
    Add me to the list!

  17. Sound like a lot of fun! Now all I have to do is start up a blog...

  18. I was the third person to sign up, I put the banner and announcement on my site, now my comment is no show and my name is not on the list. Why is that?
    I even finished my first tree ornament for this month and wanted some clues where I announce it. It's on my blog.

  19. Elena I am not sure what has happened to your comment, did you get my email I sent to you to see if you were in or not before I put your name up on the roll call (i wanted to make sure just in case you were just leaving a comment).
    sorry for any confusion. I will add your name to the board now.

  20. thank you, Amanda. There was no email in my box.The message was on this site.And i dind't come back until tonight.
    Now the blog is not showing.
    Try again.
    the url
    dolls by elly

  21. Hello Amanda. I'm new here...and i hope you and the rest of your friends will like me...and like my job. I'm a new buddy of Elena Malec. She told me about this challenge and i want to participate to. I hope we have more and interesting thins to make together.
    Here is my "virtual home" and the post with the angel.

    Have a nice day all.

  22. Can I join still? I think this is just an incredible idea? amy

  23. Hi, I only just found your blog. I'd love to join in but have obviously missed June! Can I still join in? Many thanks. Lynda xx

  24. Sure Lynda no problems, please join in the fun. email me so I have a contact email for you.



  25. I am very new to these types of challenges, and I've been quilting for about 4 months. I've sewn clothes from the time I was 10, through my high school, many grad dresses and even a complex wedding dress. I do many crafts but quilting is my newest one!

    I will get my blog set up in the next week -
    Cheers Sylvie from Canada

  26. I would love to but I think I am to late! Just found your blog through another. Carolyn from Des Moines, Iowa USA

  27. If the item is a Christmas gift for someone else, but is otherwise not particularly "Christmassy", would that count?

  28. I would love to join in this, late I know, but sounds like fun! My creative Muse needs a nudge.