Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Doll Entries

Well here we are one day to go and we do have one more entry...

Carolyn has sent in her entry...isn't she sweet.

Mrs Clause

Lets get those entries in Ladies, I can't wait to see the lovely entries that pop up in the next 24hrs.
hope you are all happily stitching away.
Big Hugs

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Morning Trip to Gatton...

Allorah and I made a special trip over to Gatton this morning so I could go to the best shop in town...Gray's.
 they sell furniture as well as all the most gorgeous teacups, ornaments  and all sorts of things.
I wanted to buy a special gift for my "Secret Heart Chic" for the big reveal coming up next week. I knew she collects teacups and so knew I had to go to Grays, to find the perfect gift.

the perfect colour too.

I also bought a lovely cupcake cup for My first born daughter who could not come with us this morning but loaned her car to her Daddy so he could take DS bowling with the Men's Ministry from church.

She will love it.
 We left Gatton and on the way home we stopped at a wonderful fruit and vegetable market along the way, we got a hep of beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables for a great price, it was well worth the trip. Most of it was grown locally...

after we got back home to Ipswich we stopped in to have a cuppa at my favorite place to have coffee...
"Di-Licious Cupcakes" at the "Old Flour Mill" in Ipswich. we had a wonderful cup of coffee and a lovely cupcake.
then we went next door to "Handmade Heaven" and had a peek at what was on offer, lots of gorgeous stuff. had a quick hello to Liesa and off we went again. I managed to buy myself a lovely "Bubba Chenille" Wheat bag to heat up and soothe my aching muscles. 

My favorite colour of course.
 We had a little look at a couple of other shops and then headed home where i have put on a roast pork for dinner...about to pop some of those yummy vegetables I got earlier in the oven to go with it.

all in all it was a lovely day and DD2 loved her cup...can't wait for the next time I get to do this with both girls.

hope you all have had a wonderful day...

Big Hugs

Another Entry for September...

Well have a look at this gorgeous Christmas cat that Marilyn has made...I think she is just so cute.
well done Marilyn, it really is adorable.

More entries to come Ladies...

Dolly Hugs

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally getting something done...

well the first week of school holidays is nearly over and what have I done with it?
not that much really..I have not sewed as much as I would have liked but that can change...

Christmas Angel
I have however finished my entry for the September challenge.
I have made a darling  Angel from the very lovely Tilda book I got a couple of months ago. I actually made 2 dolls, one is for my challenge and the other is for a friend who is having a baby soon, she is nearing the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy and has done it all alone as Hubby has been away serving in Afghanistan..He was due home today so I will text her and find out if all is happily reunited...
I am not sure though if I want to make it an Angel or just a pretty Christmas kind of doll...will work it out over the next few days.

I am happy with the result

I was very impressed with myself being able to felt the hair on the dolls...I have never felted before and it actually turned out ok. of course it is mainly on the back of my angels hair that is felted and the sides. At the front I have some plaits.

I have entered myself in a challenge for CDA to make a Halloween doll by the end of October. should not be too hard (i hope) to get it done by then.
I am only a novice at this stuff and I enjoy a challenge, will post here when I can...

don't forget to get your entries in for the September challenge ladies...only 1 week to go now.
I am certain you are all out there in Blog land sewing busily away preparing your lovely dolls for the challenge.
have heaps of fun doing that, and catch up soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September Doll Entries

We have approximately 10 days left in the challenge for September so get those entries in Ladies.

We have a lovely entry from Amy

This is Rudy the Reindeer

What a great job Amy, Rudy looks great.
I have almost finished my doll, I just have to do her hair...what a challenge that has been whilst being sick.
looking forward to finishing her and getting the pictures up here on my blog.
don't forget to get those entries in on time ladies

Stitching Hugs

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September Challenge Entries

The entries are coming in...
Keep them coming Ladies, we have about 10 days left so there is plenty of time to get your entry done.

Excellent job Karen.

Whoo Hoo Two...
Rudy the Reindeer

My Angel

Marilyns Lovely Christmas cat

Mrs Clause

Lovely Doll




Happy Stitching

Friday, September 10, 2010

Been Sick...

Ladies I have been sick, still feeling not so crash hot...not sure what it is but the good doctors are investigating...

so having felt very ill on Wednesday (and ending up in emergency) and Thursday not much better...I was feeling a bit down today with all kinds of stuff going on...

I have been waiting for a package from the Fat Quarter Shop from the states...counting down the days in fact...wondering if it was lost in transit???

Imagine my surprise today as the doorbell rang and I got myself off to answer it and low and behold at the door was a big bunch of flowers and a box of Dark chocolate's (my favourite) from my Heart Chic...And the parcel from the states...what a way to cheer a girl up...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Something I have been working on...

This is the little Blanket and Owl for a friends friend that I have been working on.
I got my Aunt to machine embroider the baby's name so I can stitch it on to the blanket. can you believe she does this freehand on the sewing machine.

I had a lot of fun working on this, I love pink so it was quite pleasant to do.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Challenge

Christmas Doll...

A reminder of the challenge item for September.

September: A Doll - you can choose to make an Angel or Santa or a Reindeer etc. what ever you choose it has to be made from fabric and has to be Christmas themed.

You could choose to make Elves or Santa...

An Angel..

Prim Angel...

there are plenty of inspirational dolls out there on the net...why not Google Christmas Dolls and see what you come up with.
It can be very helpful to see what people are making out there in Blog land.

Remember this has to be a doll you make for this challenge not something you have made in the past.
just to be fair for all who put a lot of effort into what they make.

have a great time choosing what you will creative Ladies. above all have fun.
Happy Stitching

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

...August Winners...

Well done to everyone who managed to get an entry in for the August Challenge...

Well how exciting we have winners for the two Prizes...

1st Prize...Either 4 FQ's or a charm pack From the Fabric Cafe is...Diana

The extra prize for this month of 4 FQ's of Christmas fabrics as shown on my blog...Goes to Pam

I will email you both to let you know and get postal details.
Congratulations Ladies.
Big Hugs

August challenge Closed

August Challenge Closed

Watch this space for the winners ...