Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally getting something done...

well the first week of school holidays is nearly over and what have I done with it?
not that much really..I have not sewed as much as I would have liked but that can change...

Christmas Angel
I have however finished my entry for the September challenge.
I have made a darling  Angel from the very lovely Tilda book I got a couple of months ago. I actually made 2 dolls, one is for my challenge and the other is for a friend who is having a baby soon, she is nearing the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy and has done it all alone as Hubby has been away serving in Afghanistan..He was due home today so I will text her and find out if all is happily reunited...
I am not sure though if I want to make it an Angel or just a pretty Christmas kind of doll...will work it out over the next few days.

I am happy with the result

I was very impressed with myself being able to felt the hair on the dolls...I have never felted before and it actually turned out ok. of course it is mainly on the back of my angels hair that is felted and the sides. At the front I have some plaits.

I have entered myself in a challenge for CDA to make a Halloween doll by the end of October. should not be too hard (i hope) to get it done by then.
I am only a novice at this stuff and I enjoy a challenge, will post here when I can...

don't forget to get your entries in for the September challenge ladies...only 1 week to go now.
I am certain you are all out there in Blog land sewing busily away preparing your lovely dolls for the challenge.
have heaps of fun doing that, and catch up soon.


  1. I LOVE your angel. So sweet. You will do well for the challenge you entered. Good to stretch ourselves.

  2. Love your doll you did a great job
    dolly hugs to you.

  3. Fantastic effort to all the girls who got their doll challenge done..unfortunately I have been making quilts and the time go away from me. Hugs Khris