Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our Morning Trip to Gatton...

Allorah and I made a special trip over to Gatton this morning so I could go to the best shop in town...Gray's.
 they sell furniture as well as all the most gorgeous teacups, ornaments  and all sorts of things.
I wanted to buy a special gift for my "Secret Heart Chic" for the big reveal coming up next week. I knew she collects teacups and so knew I had to go to Grays, to find the perfect gift.

the perfect colour too.

I also bought a lovely cupcake cup for My first born daughter who could not come with us this morning but loaned her car to her Daddy so he could take DS bowling with the Men's Ministry from church.

She will love it.
 We left Gatton and on the way home we stopped at a wonderful fruit and vegetable market along the way, we got a hep of beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables for a great price, it was well worth the trip. Most of it was grown locally...

after we got back home to Ipswich we stopped in to have a cuppa at my favorite place to have coffee...
"Di-Licious Cupcakes" at the "Old Flour Mill" in Ipswich. we had a wonderful cup of coffee and a lovely cupcake.
then we went next door to "Handmade Heaven" and had a peek at what was on offer, lots of gorgeous stuff. had a quick hello to Liesa and off we went again. I managed to buy myself a lovely "Bubba Chenille" Wheat bag to heat up and soothe my aching muscles. 

My favorite colour of course.
 We had a little look at a couple of other shops and then headed home where i have put on a roast pork for dinner...about to pop some of those yummy vegetables I got earlier in the oven to go with it.

all in all it was a lovely day and DD2 loved her cup...can't wait for the next time I get to do this with both girls.

hope you all have had a wonderful day...

Big Hugs


  1. Sounds like the most fun day! The teacup is beautiful!
    hugs Karen

  2. What a lovely day!! Glad you enjoyed yourself and I love your purchases!

  3. Oh lovely things! I really love the china :-)

  4. Love the tea cups and Handmade Heaven looks like my kind of shop. Glad you had a great day Amanda.