Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's My Birthday...Yipee


I placed an order online from the Fat Quarter shop in the US on Friday the 4th of June.Well to my complete surprise it arrived today (11th June).

Yummy Fabrics... and a two patterns...I am so blessed.

more for my stash...

It is my Birthday today ( 8th June ) and I have been having a ball.

I have been just doing whatever I pleased, I went down to Bargain Box Fabrics (my favourite fabric shop in Ipswich) and bought a few lovely fabrics, including some Christmas fabric for the Christmas challenge (see previous post).

I love going down there because they have lots of wonderful fabrics, but they are also a very tidy shop and the customer service is terrific.

I am spending the birthday money i got from the lovely ladies in the birthday swap in the craft group I am in.

I also went to Handmade Heaven at the top of town and had a bit of a look, bought a little brooch for a friend. it's a very nice shop and they have a vast array of handmade things for just about every taste.

I had a look in the Hospice second hand book shop and found a retro sewing book which looks very interesting.

Last night My First born DD came over at about 8:30pm and surprised me with a very lovely cake that she had baked.

now the wonderful thing about this cake is that she does not cook, it is just not her thing. so for her to go to such an effort and make such a lovely looking cake it is a big thing.

Of course the cake is for tonight when we all get together for my Birthday dinner.

I can't wait to try it...

I am stretching out my Birthday that's for sure...I have a voucher for spotlight to spend so I am popping over there tomorrow, I have seen some new FQ bundles there that I have my eye on and I also need some new pinking shears so I think I know how to spend the money.

I also put an order in for some yummy fabrics from the Fat Quarter shop in the US, can't wait for them to arrive.

So really my Birthday has been just lovely, I now have to get started on the Christmas Challenge and get myself organised with this new fabric and what to do with it.

happy sewing everyone

Don't forget to be making your Christmas Ornament for the challenge for June.




  1. Happy Birthday to you Amanda!!!!
    The fabrics are so lovely and the cake looks so yummy!!!
    Hope you enjoyed!!!
    Warm regards,

  2. The cake and the fabrics look yummy!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful day Amanda, and you deserve all the spoils hun....congrat's to DD1 for baking a cake....my birthday is in February....and my colour is purple, so you'll have a bit of time to pluck up the courage to bake again by then right???? lol Just kidding. Great fabric...and I'm with Khris....waaaaahhhh we wanna go to Bargain Box too. Hugs Naomi

  4. Oh good score I loved that shop when I was there it was fantastic, and the cake is brilliant well done to your daughter

  5. Great fabrics Amanda! Can't wait till my spree!!
    Your daughter is a sweetheart. Hope you enjoy the cake!
    hugs Karen

  6. oh Yumm that cake looks sooo good, well done to your daughter, and yep you are a good shopper Amanda, so glad you had so much fun on your birthday.