Friday, July 15, 2011

More Arrivals and Something Special...

Some gorgeous fabrics from the very generous Anna have arrived safe and sound, I will use these to make some Huggles for the cause. Thanks heaps Anna for the fabrics they are just perfect.

Another safe arrival came just yesterday all the way from the USA from Karen.

Isn't he just very lucky little boy or girl in Ethiopia is going to fall in love with this little fellow.
Thanks so much Karen for such an amazing Monkey, he will be a blessing.

Ladies please keep those Huggles coming, we have just over a month left before you need to get the Huggles in to go in the prize draw... so far we have 4 people in the draw and 7 prizes...odds for a prize are pretty good.

I also have to say that my dear husband has been working very hard lately to save up for a little treasure for himself, but was very disappointed when yet again he was not paid properly (he works for QLD Health who has been having pay problems for over a year now).
He went off to work this morning thinking that all hope of getting himself an Ipad 2 was lost...But I am able to work wonders with the budget and managed to find exactly what he was after for a good price.

So when he gets home from work tonight after a long and very busy 12 hour shift guess what will be sitting on his desk...
I am sure he will be very happy, he deserves it...

Off I go now, to my sewing room to see what amazing creation I can come up doubt it will be a little Huggle creation...

Happy Stitching everyone...



  1. Amanda, that monkey is adorable... I have a bunch of huggles to send to you... would you be able to email me your address... Looking forward to hearing from you. Rosie.xx

  2. The monkey is just lovely, gorgeous bow tie and really expressive eyes. I'm sure your husband will love his ipad, they are lovely little gadgets, I enjoy mine very much.