Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Huggles Arrive, and Fishing

Wow the Huggles are really coming in now...thanks to Rosie for a bunch of gorgeous Huggles that arrived today, aren't they just delightful. Go and have a look at Rosie's blog...very good reading.

I will endeavour to post a picture of the Ethiopia team packing the little bags for the children (minus the Huggles, they will go to them at the end of August) just having some tech problems getting the pictures...keep an eye out.

We took DS 12 out last week to do a little fishing as he had said he would like to try it...a couple of cheap rods and a little drive to Moogerah Dam and we were having fun throwing a line in.

He liked it so much he wanted us to go again the next day...well I had a doctors appointment so we had to wait till today (Saturday) is a picture of our 3 kids fishing at Atkinsons Dam here in the Lockyer Valley. Even the dog loved it...It was very relaxing and we had a lovely lunch by the water...can't wait for the next time...oh by the way we never caught  single fish...lots of Dam Weeds..

Well I hope you all are doing fine and enjoying life...
Happy Stitching till next time


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  1. Great huggles from Rosie! Nice blog too. Interesting stuff about the sheep. Can't wait to see a pic of all the huggles loaded for Ethiopia!
    hugs Karen