Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Little Things"

While I was recuperating and mum was here we did a couple of little projects to keep us busy...truthfully we both would have gone nuts if we did not have something to do.
so the first little thing I did was to make an IPhone cover for my eldest daughters IPhone.

I cut them out and put the applique on and Mum did the hand stitching.
a very nice combined effort I think.

this is the finished product...we also made one for Mum's phone.

well as the week progressed and I felt a bit better we started on a sewing caddy Tutorial Link that we found on freebies for crafters (thanks Ladies) by Ginabean handmade.
we went to bargain box and got some cute fabrics, well that was tiring and I wished I had much more money to spend.
Mum did the first bag so she could get a feel for the pattern (and because I was way too tired to make anything that day).
After a few adjustments she finished it...and I think it is fantastic.
the next day I had a go, well Mum did the hard work of cutting out because I was just too sore to do it. I did do all the sewing though.

this is my bag which I am currently using as a handbag for the time being (until I grow tired of it I guess).

Mum's bag and my bag together.
don't they look great...
well enough blogging today..will rest and hopefully get to some more over the weekend.
Happy sewing everyone...


  1. Way cool I love that handbag (hehe)

  2. Awesome...both look fantastic Amanda...hugs Khris

  3. Wow! Really beautiful bags! from the Mother/Daughter team...AWESOME!

    glad you are really getting better!

    hugz, Pam

  4. You have been busy. Love the bag.

  5. Love the bags! Glad you are feeling up to doing some sewing.

  6. Nice to see you are up and about. Looks like you and mum had great fun. Love the bags :-)

  7. They both look great. WAAAAAHHHH I wanna go to Bargain Box. Hugs Naomi