Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busy Weekend Sewing.

I found the link Khris put up on FREEBIES FOR CRAFTERS for the Prim Bunny on Prim Patterns and Handmade. I thought I would give it a go. I have never done anything like this before so it was a challenge to do it and have it done by the 23rd of Feb. I thoroughly enjoyed myself...I had all day practically yesterday to dedicate to myself and sewing. you see the result on the right...the little character with my bunny is Her pet potato (I know it is weird but I wanted something different).
I am enjoying learning lots...

Today (Sunday) I had the afternoon to myself so I thought I would try to make something from out of my head...I decided I like Teacups so why don't I make a Teacup pincushion. I drew the pattern up and sewed it up in the space of a couple of hours. it is not perfect (neither is my bunny) but it was a great experience trying to pull something from the recesses of my brain.
I enjoyed myself and now have a pin cushion to give to my daughter. i will try to make another one when I get more time so I can perfect it a bit better.
I do so love Sewing...


  1. Your projects look good Amanda. Jeanette

  2. Bunny and pin cushion look great, Good job.
    Mummy Hugs to you.

  3. They both look great Amanda....even though I'm not a prim chick, I think the bunny could do with a bit of coffee painting...but that's just my Hugs Naomi

  4. LOL a potato, great imagination indeed, and the pincushion is rather lovely

  5. Great teacup! And I like your prim bunny much better than those icky dark dirty ones!

  6. Oh how cool....but, not like Melissa I like icky dark dirty grubby ones...LOL
    Well done girl...hugs Khris

  7. Hi Amanda!
    I love your bunny! curious enough, I'm really liking that potato idea! The teacup is so pretty.