Monday, February 8, 2010

Moved in But....

Well we have moved in to our new home, but it will take a few weeks to get everything in its place I dare say.
The house is lovely, the kids are totally wrapped with the size of is Wayne of course. We have 3 spare bedrooms can you believe it...well one is classed as a study and we don't have a spare single bed to put in it so it's being used for the ironing and folding room.
We do have a particular room that is known as Nana's room...she will have to come down to visit to see it in its entirety. I will put up some pictures of it another day.

the Sewing room/school room is just massive and I have yet to get everything put in an orderly place...we have had to start school work today in a bit of a mess but it will eventually get sorted out.
I am so desperate to do some sewing that I think I can't wait for the time that the room is ready for me to get into being creative.
I have had a few visitors, always love friends coming to visit (after lunch and the school work is done of course).
Will post more pictures at a later date.


  1. wooohooo....great to hear you are settling in and can now get on to some crafty business Khris

  2. That is great that you are finally in the house Amanda!! And way enough room too!
    hugs Karen

  3. woohoo it looks great Amanda and yes we missed you hugs

  4. Thanks ladies, have to admit I am pretty happy here...can't wait for some crafting to happen...
    Bless you all...

  5. House looks good, hope you get to do some crafting soon!!

  6. I'm so glad you got moved Amanda. It is always such a big job. Always takes me a year to feel like home.

  7. hope to see the photo of my room soon.

  8. Hi Amanda
    WOW with a room especialy for Mum we wont see her much she'll be down more often
    Best wishes in your new home, it is always a big upheaval to move and looks like you've done it well
    E XX