Monday, March 21, 2011

Huggles For Ethiopia

I have had this thought on my mind for a while but have not really known how it can come to fruition...I wanted to be able to bless the children of Ethiopia with something that will say "We love you and are thinking of you".

Our church is involved in many missions, Compassion Australia along with our church Catalyst Church in Ipswich sponsor children in Ethiopia. A couple of the most amazingly big hearted generous women I know are involved in our Ethiopia missions, they inspire me to want to help in whatever way I can.
Enter Lucky (Leanne) who is the lovely generous Lady who has created the Huggle (or softie) for kids. take a look at my last post to read about some of what she has managed to get sorted out for our trip to Grantham school to bless the children there.

So back to my can we bless the children of Ethiopia, I know how about sending Huggles for the children the next time there is a missions trip.
good idea....well it just so happens there is a trip planned for mid September this year...great.

OK Ladies it is all worked out, we need to make at least 100 Huggles to send with our mission trippers to Ethiopia in September. we need the huggles to be not much bigger than 8" x 8"  the reason for this is room,  for the little toys to be transported over they need to fit into the backpacks of the Missionaries amongst their clothing and other stuff they need to take.
we need to make sure also that they are only filled with fibre this will guarantee to keep the weight down.
*Use Bright Colours

*Embroider or draw on the eyes so as not to cause a choking hazard

Teddy Pattern here..
or Owl pattern here..
other patterns here...
Doll Pattern Here...
Gingerbread Doll Here...

We have approximately 6 months to get these little toys made and posted in to Me (email me for the address) in order to get them to the missionaries and packed up for delivery to the children.
 if you go to Leanne's blog you can read all about her past fun with making and distributing Huggles to many well deserved recipients.
Just a little note so you are aware, Ethiopia is a predominantly Muslim country so we do request that you do not send cute little piggies, as much as I love them they are not really appropriate for this country.

Our Missionaries are also involved in Grace Centres in Ethiopia, you can read about the great things they do by going to their web page.

I will post a Huggles Roll on the side of my blog to keep track of who is making Huggles for Ethiopia, that is probably more for me than anyone (getting old).

I really appreciate the generosity and heart that so many of you wonderful ladies put in to your creative works, I am so happy to be able to guide you into a very worthy cause...Huggles for Ethiopia.

Happy Sewing



  1. Amanda
    I'm in!!! I have been over to Leannes blog and have the little teddy pattern and will hopefully start today!!!!Hopefully so put me down on your side bar. Lucky is expecting some form me soonish!!!
    Cheers Geniene

  2. What great appeal and I am so proud to be part of this new journey:)

  3. Count me in. We sponsor two Compassion kids... and I'd dearly love to help contribute to put a smile on some children's faces.