Sunday, March 6, 2011

A fabulous couple of Days...

On Friday Khristina of Sew Prim Khris, Helena, Bev and I took a very wet drive out to Grantham to deliver some wonderful little Huggles to the local school children who had survived a horrendous flood in January of this year (2011).

Leanne creator of Huggles for kids had organized for people to make Huggles and made many herself, Have a read on her blog about them and what she does with them.

Here is Khristina with the school Principle in their little library...there were enough Huggles for each student.

The principle will take pictures of the kids with their Huggles and post them off to Leanne...she expressed how happy they were to have these lovely little gifts, and explained how important they could be for the students to help them move on..."some children take a special toy to bed and will talk through things with their toy" she said, so the potential to help them beyond what we imagined is there.

After visiting the school we went on to Gatton to take some of the quilts to a family who had lost all of their belongings, both the mother and mother in law and most tragic of all their 2 year old daughter...

After such tragic loss you would imagine that these people would be basket cases...not so. i found that both Matthew and Stacy were handling this amazingly, they are well aware of the potential this tragedy has to really sink them as a family...they are so determined not to let that happen, they have two surviving children and a little girl due in 7 weeks for whom they must go on.
they are awesome people and like most of us prefer to do their grieving in private...
I did not feel comfortable taking pictures of them so I did not ask...but just know that the quilts that the ladies in the C-r-a-f-t group made for them were well accepted and will be much loved.

On saturday morning (more rain) Khristina and Helena came over to my place for a lovely cup of tea...then we went on to another family that I knew of from church who had lost everything in the flood...we gave them a beautiful quilt for each child and a stunning heart quilt for Mum...they were very happy to receive such wonderful gifts...

Here is Naomi with baby Ezra who was one week old when they had to evacuate their home and lost most of their belongings...they managed to grab the precious photographs as they left...

the Ladies of our C-r-a-f-t- online group outdid themselves in making the quilts and some of the Huggles...these Ladies are from all over the world including the United States, UK, NZ and Australia...they all contributed greatly to making these quilts, whether it was by making hearts or donating funds to help or just their encouragement of the ladies who got together to physically put the quilts together.
I think they are awesome...

Khristina says on her blog..."Thank you to Lucky, Amanda, Terry, Christine, Pam, Melissa, Judy, Sheila and the ladies in my CRAFT group who have sent hearts . Sorry if I have missed any specific names but I thank you so very much for your help, generosity and kindness".

we had some time to kill on friday afternoon so guess where we went ladies???

The ladies who are coming to the retreat in October will have to wait till then to go to Bargain Box...
We got to play a while, we are very happy they survived the Floods...

thanks for reading my little blog, if you want to join the craft ladies just follow the links and apply to join...
As a final note, I just want to say that no matter how hard life seems sometimes, there is always someone doing it harder than us...hug your kids and loved ones and thank God we areble to do just that..
Happy Stitching


  1. You ladies are wonderfully kind and giving to make quilts and huggles and then deliver them! You ALL are great! I am proud to be a member of such a great group of ladies. The pics are wonderful and of course, fabric shopping is always quite fun! Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time!

  2. What a wonderful and satisfying time you have had and to bring so much joy to so many.Great ladies.Hugss

  3. Great piccies Amanda! Everyone deserves kudos for the wonderful thing you have done for the children and families of the flood. I am sure all the kids will love their huggles and the families will treasure their quilts.
    hugs Karen

  4. So very cool what you have been doing and so very cool to spend such quality time together.

  5. Amanda, you have made my day seeing a posting on the quilts and HUGGLES that were taken to Queensland.

    So many people have opened their hearts and wallets in so many ways....makes me so proud of not us as a nation but also these beautiful people who have helped in some way from overseas.