Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Wonderful Surprise

I was having a lovely cup of tea the other afternoon with my Step mother in law on the patio when the delivery van pulled in.
I said to her I know this is because I had been waiting 3 weeks for some books for DS's distance ed.
to my surprise she had 2 parcels...I was wondering if I had ordered something or if hubby had ordered something...no not that I could remember.
when she gave me the parcel I read the back and just cried because I knew what it was...the return address said Khris and Co...I knew it was from the fabulous ladies in the online craft group I am in and that it was a "Healing Heart Quilt"...yes my heart is bruised from losing my Dad late last year after a long battle with cancer. what a difference a gesture like this makes...

These gorgeous ladies live all over the world, we are connected by a love of craft of all kinds and we communicate through the Internet.
the healing heart quilts are a beautiful reminder that you are loved and thought of...the ladies make the squares in all parts of the world and then post them off to someone in the group who  will put them all together as a quilt and send it off to the recipient.
theses gorgeous ladies have been working hard making hearts for the flood victims in south east QLD. they have so far made 10 complete lap quilts and have made many more hearts to post off to others who will put together a quilt for a close family member who has lost everything...

doesn't it just make your heart melt when you hear about some of the amazing things that people do for each other in such hard times.
I for one appreciate the beautiful creativeness of  these ladies, and will be forever grateful for their love and care.

I also had a surprise in the mail yesterday from one of the winners of my give away earlier this month...
Judy from South Australia who won the kitty pack sent me an adorable heart...isn't it just gorgeous.

Thank you so much Judy for this delightful little gift.

hugs and Blessings to all you wonderful ladies.
happy stitching


  1. It really is lovely Amanda. Khristina did a wonderful job. Just know you are very loved and appreciated.

  2. Amanda, what a lovely bunch of friends you have it is truly a beautiful quilt. Sorry to hear of your loss....My heart goes out to you.

  3. You are loved, my friend! Khris did a wonderful job and the colors are awesome!

    big hugz

  4. You are very deserving of this quilt Amanda - Khris has done a fantastic job putting it together! Glad you like it!

  5. You are such a generous person and if making this quilt helps you a bit to recover from your loss we are glad to make it for you. Enjoy your quilt Amanda!
    hugs Karen