Sunday, February 6, 2011

Draw Number 6

 very pretty fabrics, 3 Quarter meters of fabric some Flower ribbon and a spool of pretty polka dot ribbon.

the Winner is...
Lilang said...  

Nice gift!

January 25, 2011 7:12 PM

Lilang you have 6 days to make contact here with your postal details so I can post the prize off to you...if not I will have to re-draw the prize.

Tomorrow's prize is...

Four gorgeous fat quarters, some pretty pink ribbon and a quarter square triangle tool with pattern and baby appliques.

Don't forget ladies that i will post all prizes at the same time through the week...make sure you contact me ASAP so I have your postal details on time.

have a fantastic evening tonight, enjoy whatever it is that you are doing whether that is sewing and crafting or just chilling out together.



  1. аааааа, опять мимо))))
    Поздравляю счастливицу!!!

  2. Congratulations to lucky! And I also really want to win!

  3. Congratulations Lilang you lucky lady...

  4. Gosh! Would I be too cheeky and put in another chance to win.It would be almost too much good fortune.Love your fabrics. How pretty!!!

    I have linked you to my blogpost Amanda.I will post a photo of your heart soon Amanda.