Monday, April 25, 2011


What an amazing time of year for us, we have just celebrated the death and resurrection of our savior Jesus amazing time for reflection into ones own personal world and how we treat our fellow man...I pray I can be more loving toward those people around me and in my sphere of influence.

I have had a very busy school holidays, it would seem nothing got done but I was still so very busy...

I had a lovely win over the holidays...
This gorgeous coin purse from A Stitch of Hope go have a look at what they do...

Huggles for Ethiopia
Well I did manage to get some bodies made for the Huggles...but alas they are faceless so far...I have yet to stuff them and stitch on their little faces.
I will endeavor to make more each week, but it has been so very busy...the deadline is 1st of September so if you are one of the gorgeous ladies making some Huggles please let me know how you are going, as I am feeling a bit lonely here in solo Hugglesville...
a reminder of what this is all about can be found here.

A range of Huggles
Well Ladies out there in Blog Land keep up the good work with all the various crafts that you do, you inspire and encourage others with the great crafting you do.

until next time
Happy Stitching



  1. Hope you are having a joyous Easter Season.

  2. Looking good with the HUGGLES, I must start mine too. Now this quilt is about finished.