Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Season of Huggles- A Challenge.

June, July and August are going to be Huggles season for me I have decided to have a challenge to try to add to the Huggle numbers for our Ethiopian Compassion children.
if you are not sure what I am talking about have a look at this post.

There will be prizes...

Starting on the first day of June...
There are a couple of ways to do this, you can either make up as many complete Huggles as you can and post them to me, or make them up fully (including face) and send them to me without stuffing and I can stuff them here.
every person who makes them and sends them goes in the draw for a prize at the end of the challenge...
I will have 3 prizes...More on this later.

On the sidebar of my blog you will see a tally for how many Huggles we have so far and how many we need...please keep an eye on this, I will put the numbers up as I receive them.

I am also going to have a Huggle-Fest in the near future, a get together to sew together some Huggles...keep an eye out for this too, you may not be in the area but you may know someone who is and would like to meet up and sew for a cause.

Keep an eye out for future posts regarding this challenge.

to sign up please leave a comment on this post or if Google is still playing up please send me an email here... once at my profile click on the email word below the picture to send me an email.

Ladies Please think about doing this challenge, it will help some lovely Compassion children in Ethiopia. there will be many pictures of your Huggles being adored by the children after September.

Happy Stitching



  1. Hi Amanda, I made some Huggles this weekend, I have your address from Lucky (Leanne) so will post them to you sometime this week.

  2. Thanks Pip, looking forward to getting them...you will be in our prize draw, one entry per Huggle so if you made ten Huggles your name goes in ten times...whoo hoo..
    Huggly Huggles

  3. Good luck with the Huggles Campaign girls..hugs Khris

  4. Hi Amanda, I have a 'huggle' of huggles to send to you, would you please be able to email me with your address... best wishes, Rosie.xx