Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Fur-Baby

This is "Cosmo" our new Fur-Baby...isn't he adorable

Cosmo is 8 years old and needed to be re-housed because his loving family moved out to the country and their home had no fencing. they were very sad that they had to leave him with family members here in town, but the family in town already had 3 dogs so it was an impossible situation...We had been looking for a dog for ages  but waiting for the right one to come along.
Cosmo is a purebred Miniature Poodle and has an amazing personality, He was considered a "Special Needs Dog" because of some quirky little behaviors. when alone he becomes very distressed and cries and yelps...He fits in well because we have someone home 99% of the time. 
the photo above shows Cossie before his haircut on Tuesday have a look at him in the photo below...a little bit of a difference.
We are so happy to have Cosmo as our baby, he has a loving personality that really fits in so well with each of our family members even the Cat "Aetius" who has always felt he is the king of the house...when they first met Aetius was a bit put off but by the end of the first week He was quite used to Cosmo and now they close to sitting together on the couch to cuddle and warm up together.

Thank you for dropping by and meeting Cosmo, I will post more pictures as time goes by and Cosmo has more adventures with us.

Big Hugs
Happy Stitching



  1. Oh, how bleses all of you are (and that includes Cosmo). He is so precious. He looks very happy. I'm glad you opened your home ad hearts to a senior dog. Great big hugs to all of you. Give Cosmo a hug from me. --Marilyn

  2. Cosmos is lovely...and yes does look very happy and content. Yet another hugzzzz for Cosmos...


  3. No rest for the, dogs,
    Hugs KHris

  4. I just want to give him a big HUG!!What a sweetie..what a lucky dog he is to have found you!!
    Animals give us SO much!I love how they love us no matter what mood we are in.They make us laugh...we need our pets.

  5. Love his haircut Amanda, looks even better. hugzzzzz.

  6. such a cutey Amanda...he'll keep you fit by the sweet of you to adopt him
    Hugs Dawn x x x