Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Extra Prize for August Challenge

4 Fat Quarters of Christmas Fabric

Here is the promised "Extra" prize for August...isn't it lovely.
We have 3 entries so far so the odds are high to win a prize...I hope you are all having a wonderful time sewing away preparing your entry for this month.

Just to clarify...the challenge called for a table decoration/ centrepiece...this means either a table decoration such as we have seen with Rita's entry of napkin rings or a centrepiece that we have seen with Karen's tree.
Sorry if this has caused anyone confusion...I hope this makes it a bit easier for you all.

well keep an eye on the countdown timer for the end of the challenge...make sure you get your entry in by the last day of the month (Aussie time). as long as the timer has 1 hour left on it you can put your entries in. this is over the end time but just to be a bit fairer for those living on the west coast of America it should get you past midnight into the first of the month.

so enough jibber jabber from me...I am going to have another go at the string squares I am trying out...wish me luck.

Stitching Hugs

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