Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Entry for August...

Hi everybody,
We have another entry in the challenge for August...hasn't she done a great job. these are felt napkin rings that you put the napkins in and place in the centre of the table as a centrepiece.

Well Ladies we have about ten days to go I hope you are enjoying the challenge...I hope you have found a pattern and are working away happily.

*Bonus Prize*
This month I have a bonus prize so keep an eye on my blog for what that will will be drawn along with the August draw....

Don't forget you have to be in it to win it...our time zones vary ladies so to get your entry in on time remember closing of the draw is Australian Time...just look at the clock above.

*September Challenge*
next months challenge is a be keeping an eye out for a pattern of what you want to make ladies...

Till next time, hope you have a wonderful time crafting...

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