Monday, August 22, 2011

Yipee...We did it...

Wahoo...with the safe arrival of 9 more Huggles from Deb (Lucky's Sister) we have gone over the 100 mark that we set...
Now any amount over the 100 will be given to children along the way on the streets of the towns visited in Ethiopia...
You Ladies are so darn Awesome in my books, please give yourselves a very big pat on the back for being so generous with your time and talents.

If you have made Huggles please get them in the post to me ASAP to go in the draw of prizes...we still have 9 days. Any Huggles received after the draw will get a special mention and go in a secret prize for stragglers(hehehe).
And remember that any Huggles over the 100 will be blessing a child on the street....

A little glimpse of what a treasure it really is to sponsor a child through "Compassion".

From an Email I sent last week:

"Yesterday I was so very sick with a severe migraine and extreme nausea I have never felt so bad fact I spent the day in bed in my Jammie's unable to function properly (the brain does not want to work when it hurts so bad).
after the entire day being ill I had just about had enough and was crying out to God again (for the 500th time that day) pleading for Him to fix my head.
It amazes me how often we forget to stop and take a break, take a deep breath and just breath in God...I talk to him constantly but sometimes it is on the run...
Just when I was feeling sorry for myself, Ally bought the mail in and there was a letter from compassion...the first letter from our sponsor child...I opened it and just cried as I read every heartfelt word from our little Ethiopian Girl.

She is so delighted to be sponsored by us, she said we were the answer to her prayers and thanks God so much for us. her favourite pet is a cow (love it) and she wants to be a doctor when she grows these words may not say much to many people, but knowing the difference sponsoring a child can make not just to her life but also to her entire family can truly humble one".

This is just a little piece of my heart after a truly terrible day being ill...

We will be packing the Huggles into the bags for the Children on the 4th of September so look out for photo's coming not long after that.
Please email me for my address if you don't have it and are wanting to send Huggles.

Happy stitching Ladies
Many Hugs

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  1. So glad you made your goal! All the huggles are so cute. Sure hope you feel better today.
    hugs Karen Mallory