Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trying to Sew...with heaps of distractions.

Well I sat down to sew, and low and behold along came Kitty. he is the king of the house and obviously wanted some attention.

then my daughter Allorah decided she did not want to sew today. she needed some attention too. she put this mask on that she wore to the youth dress up night last night. she was just very tired, she is an early to bed early to rise person like me.
She has a very funny sense of humor and always makes me laugh.

after all the distractions, I decided to move my sewing room down stairs where it is a bit cooler. at least i won't be taking up the table anymore. just a lot of work sorting it all out again.


  1. very cool stuff - yep cats just love the crafting, mine tries to eat the pins so is not allowed in very often unless she behaves herself which is not very likely. you have the same sewing machine as me.......

  2. Kitty looks like it is giving somebody the "look" alright...LOL...hugs Khris

  3. cool pics Amanda, love the puddy cat, is it a rex, will look forward to doll pics when done.

  4. Thanks Ladies, that machine is my good one that Wayne bought me last year Sharon...I am still getting used to not using a foot pedal.
    Aetius always gives that look when He wants something Khris. Yes Diana he is a Rex. do you have one?? he thinks he is a dog though...he rolls in the dirt and growls at I have to be careful about him getting into my sewing stuff...