Friday, December 25, 2009

A Fun Christmas

My Hubby has made a very fun way for Our 10yo son to get his is too big to put under tree so he wrote some cards and hid them around the place as clues, the last card leads him to the gift.
These are the clues Wayne wrote for Elijah's Pressie..

Clue 1
"Merry Christmas to you our Son
I hope you are in for a bit of fun
from here you will travel near and far
to become a superstar.
We hope your christmas is super jolly
now prepare for a bit of folly.
Go to the place where sharks do swoon
not so far as over the moon
check out the place where games are played
in your room I would prey
where the cue is yours to keep
under the felt you should peep"

Clue 2

"now you have found the second clue
this is what you should do
go to the pantry of Christmas fare
find a jar that is marked there
"claire's Rosella Jam 16/2/09"
and this will lead you down the line"

Clue 3

"Now you have found the third clue
here is the last thing you should do
go to the room that is sew messy
where your mother resides to become less "Stressy"
a place of production and of fervor
then you have to look no further.
under the table with blanket entangled
is an awesome gift from any angle
something that will make you shout and holler
and it cost your father a significant dollar"

He was very happy...we spent a good time playing and singing as a family.. Our Daughter said "Hey we look just like the Partridge family"...which ws met with much laughter...

very blessed indeed.