Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to Basics

well the new year has started and it feels good already.

It could just be a matter of perspective and how I am looking at things, but I think this is going to be an exciting year.

I have heard a few different opinions about what this year could bring and how we all will cope with it, I must say that it all truly does depend on your perspective and whether your glass is half full or half empty...

My year started the same place that last year finished off...with us packing in preparation to move...

I have a feeling that this year could bring some very exciting stuff for many of us, it will no doubt hold heartache as well...My Dad is doing really well at present, but it is the best He is going to be. it will go slowly downhill from here...indeed He needs a miracle...stranger things have happened though.

I feel with this new year some of us need to get back to basics, in our homes, in our relationships and even in our jobs.
Sometimes it seems as though the world is going so fast that my head spins, life can get like that.

Getting back to basics within the home is simply taking back your family time, this could include learning to cook again for those that spend too much time letting take out places do the cooking for us or taking something out of the freezer to put straight in the microwave. there is nothing more fun that to cook a meal together with the kids helping out. I might add that only 2 of our kids live at home and the eldest at home is nearly 18, so it might not be as much fun as the younger ones, but still fun none the less.

Many people are discovering the joy of being a Homemaker and Mother, I know that in this day and age there is a demand for Mums to work full time jobs also just to make ends meet. I am truly blessed to not have to do that. the joy some young Mums are finding in learning to sew for family and pleasure is amazing. I hope many more find this a joyful way of life.

Back to basics in relationships is simple too, manners. what an amazingly different world it was when we had manners and cared for fellow man. it is my hope that this year I will learn to be more tolerant and find better manners when it comes to all relationships, be it the person next door or the butcher, baker or candlestick maker. I hope to treat all manner of people with more love than I could imagine. in doing this I know I make my world a better place.

The same can be said for Back to basics at work for those that do. I have noticed with my Daughters' fellow workers and indeed many others, the attitudes towards their boss or fellow workers is sometimes negative. Any hope of changing this can only come from how we treat each other. a case in a recent social gathering of workers my daughter witnessed her fellow workers slanging off the boss (speaking very negatively). this kind of thing is not productive and I have tought her to be more aware of other people and their feelings. yes her boss may be silly at times or mean but the workers do not have to make the work environment a hard and negative place for all by speaking out of turn. It is a choice really. We try to teach our kids that if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all.

Well this has become a bit of a novel but I really feel sometimes we need reminders of how we should act toward one another.

I pray your year will be exciting, and the challenges you face will be met with courage.


  1. This seems to be a popular resolution theme this year. Maybe it is a sign of the times. If so, then I wish you, me, and everyone else echoing these sentiments all the luck in the world to change it to a happier more loving place!

  2. You are so right....getting back to basics really is a good place to start for 2010 Amanda. I wish you all the success and joy that you desire..hugs Khris

  3. Thanks Melissa and Khris...all we can do is try..and if we don't succeed then we should just try about getting back to basics, even using old fashioned sayings...hehe.
    hugz Amanda