Thursday, January 14, 2010

Packing and desperate to sew.

Well if you take a look at the photo you can see just how many boxes are by our front door. we have packed a few but still have so many more to go. trouble is of course we have no idea if we have an extension or not...the owner has said we can have till the 26th of January, but that still leaves 8 days before we get the keys to the other house.

The house has been sold for removal...they have to have the house taken off the block by the end of February so the power has to be removed from the house 20 days prior to that.

the people who will be doing the removal and technically own the house have said they are fine with us staying in the house till the 4th of Feb, if we don't mind having no power...we are hoping this can happen because it will save us a fortune in storage and motels.

So in the meantime we are half packed and I am itching to get some sewing done.

I really want to make a jeans bag...I have noticed some of the ladies in the Craft group are very good at it, and some want to make them too, so I hope we all have some fun sewing these up.
I also have some new fabrics added to my stash, while in Adelaide I got a couple of fat Q's from spotlight...but when I got home, Mum and I went to Bargain Box and we got a lot more. she is going to send me cash and tell me to go and get her a particular colour to post up to her, she loves BB so much.
well I have a busy few weeks coming up so I better take advantage of any quiet time I get to sew. I am not totally packing up my sewing stuff till we have the keys and I can just pack it up and move it straight away.
will keep you all posted on the moving front and the sewing front also.

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