Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well we are back in Ipswich after our trip to Adelaide...we met up with Khristina and Mardi and had a very lovely afternoon tea. sadly we did not get to meet Naomi...maybe next time...unfortunately we only got to catch up the once over the five days we were there. but it was for a few hours so we got to talk a lot. we had to keep Lyndel out of her house till 6:45pm so her family could set everything up for the "Surprise Party"...she was tired while we were at Khristina's and at around quarter past six she said we better make tracks and head home...argh I panicked and sent a message to her hubby to get him to call and stall her...so eventually they called her and asked her to stop off at the bottle shop for this and that...

we did manage to keep her out for the right amount of time...

so thanks heaps Khris for your help in keeping her out...
She was very surprised, because Her birthday was the day before and I guess she thought that if there was a surprise it would be then. we had a very nice evening with a few of her friends.
we had a great time in Adelaide as usual, we managed to go to Spotlight and get some of the DMC and Anchor threads while they were on special...got 6 quilting and craft magazines also.
we visited Bargain Box here in Ipswich this morning and managed to get some great fabrics...they are always going to be my first port of call from now on...spotlight just did not have what I wanted.


  1. You lucky duck, bargain box........OMG ...... its such a great place.......

  2. Totally agree with you...BB rocks!!!! It was wonderful to get together Amanda and I look forward to the next time we can meet...one day. Hopefully it will be back in Ipswich and I am moving back there...lol...hugs Khris

  3. hAmanda
    I was blogging around and when I saw that first sentence about being back in Ipswich from Adelaide I knew exactly what it meant. Glad you had a great time and that it all went as planned.
    I missed your Mum and it will be nice to see her on Thurs and to hear all about it from her.
    I guess you know we dont have a Bargain box now in Mackay and it was one of the handiest and best priced and most varieties of msterials we had, but alas it is gone now, and only the lonely Spotlight in the wrong side of town Really I dont need any mats tho I am always giving them away.
    Lovely pic of the family, and nice one of MUm.

  4. Thanks Ladies, yes Bargain Box is the best, we are headed over there again this morning before I take Mum to the airport, she has got top get her fix...Sad Elizabeth that you don't have bargain box any more, the customer service is wonderful, they are so helpful and knowledgable.
    you will see Mum soon.
    it will be great when you are back in Ippy Khris.