Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally Finished...Now Where's That Baby?

Here is a picture of the Pressies all wrapped up and ready to go.
Amelia Grace was born at 12:47am on 4th May 2010 she was 4350gms (9lbs 9.4 oz) 53cm long.
Mother and Daughter doing very well.

Well I have finally finished the little blankie for Sal and Glen's bubby girl...ETA ??? like many women she is late...

I got the idea for the blankie from a site that one of the ladies from our craft group posted...

of course I just did it how I wanted and did not put as many little animals on it.

I think it looks beautiful and should be a very good size for laying bubs on the bed.

As you can see in the main picture I also made a very cute pink owl. she can be used to play with but I think she is a beautiful decorative toy. I also attached some ribbon to a lovely white hand towel. and there is also a lovely little sleep suit with matching bonnet. I am sure Sal will love the gifts...I know I had such fun making them with great love. Sal and Glen have 2 very handsome young boys and now with a darling girl on the way their family will be complete.

they are very lovely people and care deeply for the children in Guillin China, which is evident in the efforts they make to raise funds for an orphanage there.

I have not wrapped the gift basket yet but when I do I will post an update.

Happy sewing all...will see you on the other side of the sewing machine...



  1. cute, cute, cute....they will love it all...and of course that owl is a real winner..hugs Khris

  2. Cute indeed what an awesome gift to give.... well done

  3. The little sleeping animals turned out great! It all makes a lovely gift package!

  4. Just beautiful Amanda, such lovely gifts, I am sure the family will be thrilled.

  5. They are all so beautiful Amanda. I am sure the baby will love all her presents when she finally arrives!
    hugs Karen

  6. Thanks ladies you are all so sweet...

  7. Great work Amanda, and you've already cut out my purple owl and Khris's Red one right???? lol Hugs and hope bubby arrives safe and sound soon. Naomi

  8. So sweet and girlie - what lovely gifts.

  9. Amanda, what pattern did you use for the cute pink owl and the one you made Khris please? Hugs Naomi