Saturday, April 10, 2010

Finally Motivated with Inspiration.

Finally Motivated, found the inspiration I needed and now I cannot show you any pictures of what I am sewing at present because it is for a Mothers Day swap we are doing on our Craft Group and I don't want to spoil it for My swapee.

Being motivated and getting into sewing in the last days I have of the school holidays is fun.
I have to make a little trip to spotlight for supplies that I can only get from there.
My washing machine is whirring like a jumbo jet at present, thought I would take advantage of the weather and get the pile of washing done while I can...I need to start the next term off on the right foot and have nothing to distract me from school work with Elijah.
Mind you I need to find the table under all the sewing piled on top of it...we share a large table, during school hours its for school and after it's my sewing layout table, yes I have a need to spread everything out in front of me when sewing and crafting. my actual table with the sewing machines on it is nice and neatly tucked under the window so I can see out as I sew away.
I feel a bit of a challenge to try and perfect my scone making skills coming on this afternoon. a lovely Friend mentioned making them and I realised I have not made them for years because I failed at making them nicely all that time ago, so this afternoon I am going to make a nice afternoon tea for my family of scones with jam and cream and a lovely cup of tea.
will post if successful.
Have a great weekend Dear Friends out there in blogland...don't forget...
"To stitch and sew is to leave a little piece of yourself behind in this world for evermore".


  1. What you have shown by now is lovely!! Waiting to see the final work.

  2. Ohhh you are a wicked woman...talking about those scones....yummmm...OMG now I am drooling. So how did they go?
    Hugs Khris

  3. Meli, I have not shown anything I am making, the photo is one of mine from a holiday I had...just don't like posting without a pretty pic of some kind...I will post a pick after mothers day.
    Khris...I did not get the chance to make them darn it...will try for tomorrow. will let you know how they go when it happens.