Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Retreat 2011

 This is the first time I have been able to post about our retreat since I have been back. I went off again for a week away with my family (another post will cover that).
For us early girls we had dinner together at a local restaurant with 2 of the Hubbies that happen to be there..hehe.

On October 3rd a bunch of our CRAFT ladies went to Mount Alford Lodge for our annual retreat.

Now as often happens with retreats and meeting people you have never met face to face, there were a few butterflies about it.

This particular group of Ladies are very lovely, easy to talk to and genuinely care about not just what you craft but You as a person.
No we were no where near the ocean, this is just a picture of our leaders.

Our leader is Khristina (whom I knew from school) and her tag team of Diana and Sharon(NZ) who together take very good care of us girls.

Mount Alford is approx 1 hour from Ipswich in the “Scenic Rim”.

The Scenic Rim region is a thriving rural paradise set in the foothills of “The Great Dividing Range” and surrounded by world heritage listed national parks.
We got to spend 3 beautiful nights there together just sewing , laughing, playing games and getting to know one another better.

There were so many prizes…
These are just my prize stash

We popped down to Boonah for a quick look at the local shops, we had great fun in one particular dress shop.

The food was catered for by the staff at Mt. Alford, it was fantastic, I highly recommend it as a special place to have your staff get aways etc.

After we left Mt. Alford we all went around to many local fabric and patchwork shops doing some shopping (like we really needed any more fabrics)

 We had morning tea and then lunch, afternoon tea together and I parted company after a few more shops were explored with the Girls…I had a busy time ahead for our holiday away so I needed to say goodbye then…

How hard that was…

These Ladies are a true bunch of amazing crafters who we all have discovered have very much in common…we get on so well.

I was particularly touched by the ease at which I felt when I first set eyes the girls that arrived just before our car journey to the retreat. It was as if we had known each other all our lives.
Some of the sewing that got done was truly awesome…

We are so looking forward to next year when some of the girls from the states will venture over for retreat….I can’t wait to meet those girls.

But wait my adventure does not end there… see the next post for my family holiday…

Happy stitching, chatting and just enjoying your crafty friends



  1. You are a rather awesome girl yourself you know, so much fun to be with, had a blast with you.

  2. Sounds like you all had a fabulous time. Fingers crossed I can join you next year.

  3. It was a great week hey! It was lovely meeting you Amanda.........can't wait until next year.

  4. You girls are so awesome...yes I hope you can make it next year too Marilyn...

  5. What a great post Amanda, we had a fabulous time didn't we, I am so glad I got to spend time with all you awesome girls, I just wish we could meet up every week, how much fun would that be.