Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a Day, What To Do...

It has been raining all blinking day...
What have I been up to all day then?
Well you may ask, and I shall delight in telling you I have almost completed a Christmas present for our dear sweet “Adopted” daughter Rachel…
She loves all things “Union Jack” and I found a pattern for a paper pieced mug rug sized union jack over at the Four Twin Sisters site.

I know you are probably thinking how crazy I am doing a union jack for my first paper piecing attempt… you be the judge (be nice though).

I have Pieced it, added batting and stitched on a all I need to do is some hand top stitching for added effect and hey presto a little union jack mug rug is done.

Because of time issues I have only made this size (10 inches x 5 inches) but will in the near future make her a table runner that she can put on her duchess.
i may even get that done before Christmas but I am not holding my breath, because I am busy and have more stuff to make.

I forgot to mention how lovely it was when we went to Southbank with my Sister and her family (when they were here in October). we went to Max Brenner (first time for me) and had a decadent time.

This is my Danish hot chocolate (extremely sweet) I could not drink it all so had to leave it in the end...

This is my Dessert, how decadent does that look?
it was chocolate ice-cream with choc fudge, choc dusted crispies and choc coated crunchy toffee...with a melted chocolate sauce to pour over it.
Did I manage to eat that ? no way...I ended up giving all but 1/2 a piece of fudge to my nephew and I ate mainly only the ice-cream.

This is Hubby's dessert, he didn't want any but I thought perhaps a piece of fudge would be small enough...think again.
he had the chilli hot chocolate and loved it.
So if you ever see a Max Brenner around and are a chocolate lover, do yourself a favour and have the chocolate experience of your life.

well I must get a wiggle on, I am popping out to pick Hubby up from work this afternoon and it is getting close...keep an eye out for my "Summer to do List" coming soon....
Happy Stitching



  1. Love your mug rug Amanda. Excellent job. I do know all about the Danish treats. :-)

  2. The paper peiced mug rug looks fabulous Amanda! that is the great thing about paper piecing is it is hard to make it look bad!! LOL
    hugs Karen

  3. Great job of the paper piecing mug rug.
    what a good job you made of it for a first timer paper piecing there will be no stopping you now.

  4. Thanks Ladies...I now have in my hot little hand the A3 and A2 sized patterns and will start on one this afternoon, after I have been to Bargain Box for some more blue fabric..
    I really appreciate your encouragement...