Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Summer Break Nearly Over...What have I Achieved?

Well as the title implies our Summer Break is nearly over and exactly what have I achieved?
Did I do much on my “To Do” list, Or have I been a slacker…
Perhaps I should have reviewed my to do list a bit better, included some things and excluded others.
So have I achieved anything?
Of course I have, I have had a fantastic summer of coffee with friends, movies and lunches with friends, Rest and relaxation.
Now is any of this on my list…well maybe not so much, but it could come under the heading of “Have Fun”.
I have spring cleaned some, but not all I had hoped to do.
I still have a week left before school starts so I still may get something done.

I guess the point really is that though you may have big and amazing plans, they don’t always work out the way you imagined them to. Life is like that isn’t it?
I have had a few health issues that have prevented me from doing some things so I am ever mindful of re-organizing my time and prioritising.

Coming up this year I am hoping to have a once a month spot about the people that inspire me, from all walks of life…
So I shall be posting this at the end of each month hopefully. I will also have a few giveaways this year as well. Keep an eye out for more…
I hope you are inspired by others, I hope you are able to use that inspiration to inspire others…

Happy Stitching

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  1. Well I would say that spending time with friends and family is an achievement within it self..Life sometimes gets way to busy and it's nice just to have time out for yourself.