Thursday, November 10, 2011

Homemade tips...

I have been surfing the blogs and been seeing a few lovely blogs with many helpful hints for us women who are constantly cooking and cleaning etc.

Sharon from NZ shared this one with us on Pinterest and it is quite a good tip...
Do you use Febreeze or something like it? 
Well why not make your own for next to nothing. Click on the picture to go to the blog with all the details.

Another fantastic hint for those really hard jobs can be found at "SimpleLiving" by clicking on the toilet.

My Tip
I thought I would share my little helpful tip for air freshener we keep in the Toilet for Hubby and DS1 who tend leave behind an door that could melt human flesh..hehehe.

First you will need a spray bottle that has a very good fine mist spray to it, I have recycled this old bottle from an aerosol free air freshener purchased ages ago for around the $6 mark.
You will also need some essential oil, the cheap variety of oil burner oils that you can get from the $2 stores is ideal.

 I put around 3 mil into the empty bottle. I find this is quite enough to give a very nice scent, not too strong and not too faint either. Then I top up with warm water from the tap and give it a really good shake.

Hey Presto you now have amazing smelling air freshener for a fraction of the price. In fact it would take about a year for our family to use up all of the 50ml bottle of oil. If you use only 3ml you can make 16, 300ml bottles of air freshener up from that single bottle of oil. That is a massive saving when you think the original bottle was $6, if you bought 16 of them it would add up to $96. so for $2 for the oil I am saving a massive $94.

Now in my books that is Frugal, I do have to point out that in this picture I have used my very yummy "Crabtree & Evelyn" oil which cost me $14.95 at their store because I could not find my $2 oil (which is very yummy vanilla scent).

Do you have any awesome tips you can share with others? perhaps you would like to share on your blog, send me a link so I can follow your frugal ideas too.

Happy Stitching and Money Saving.



  1. Fantastic tips girls...thanks for sharing...hugs

  2. Yep appreciate it going to try both ideas, thank you.

  3. Thanks for the tips. Wonderful post.

  4. Good one Amanda yep I have one of those bottles will do this as my other half sounds like the twin to yours LOL LOL

  5. Great tips Amanda!!
    Looks like you had a grat time on your holiday too!!
    hugs Karen

  6. Fantastic tips! Thanks Amanda.

  7. Thankyou for sharing this Amanda.. I have a fantastic cleaner which I must post about so that you can share it too..