Sunday, November 20, 2011

Summer Give Away

Woot woo Summer is upon us in a big way here in the southern hemisphere, so in celebration of that and Christmas coming up I have decided to have a little (quick) giveaway, in fact if you blink you might miss this one.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am making a “summer wish list” for myself to get some stuff done over Summer. I mentioned I would love to hear about your summer adventures you may have had or intend to have…

What do you have to do?
Easy, just leave me a Summer adventure comment on this post and on Sunday 27th November (one week away) I will run numbers through the random number thingy and pick a winner…

The Prize…

An awesome Tilda book for you to make some lovely Christmas stuff…hopefully you will get it by early December…well that is why this is a quick giveaway.

Added Prize…

Because those in the Northern Hemisphere are heading into Winter I will pop in an extra prize... Tildas Winter Book…

*Very important* 
Please specify if you would prefer the Winter book or the Summer book, I must be able to email you for your postal address on the day of the draw so please make sure your email is attached to your blog or leave me your email address...If I can't contact you I will have to re=draw the prize on the same day. 

Tell your friends, just to make it more fun…
Can’t wait to hear of your fun adventures…
Happy stitching


  1. Well I love winter so but seeing its summer here in Oz I will say Summer...hugs Khris

  2. My summer happening took place this past summer, as we are heading into winter, it is a wonderful memory.

    Rick and I toured around Michigan to all the great lakes, as i was born in a town on the shore of Lake Michigan I miss my water. it felt wonderful to feel the sugar sand on my feet, to wade into Lake Superior picking up agates and other stones. to smell the fresh air, climb up to the top of White fish point lighthouse, feel the wind,to be home for just a little while!

    thank you for a delightful giveaway, enjoy the summer!

  3. I have tooo much to do!! I would like to stop time for a day-like pause on the remotea- i do it when my kids looked all cute and happy and when the hubby was resting....Then may be I would get every thing on that list done...Then I coulds pause again so I make all the stuff in the Summer book that I win...
    Cheers and thanks for the chance to win

  4. Hi Amanda.. what a lovely give away.. I don't know that we will be having adventures, in fact, I really hope we don't because that will mean that something has gone wrong!! We are in the busy season of harvesting, and watering, down here on the farm.... still, I could dream about a sea side adventure, couldn't I!!

  5. Ооооооо, а я очень люблю зиму, Новый год, Рождество!!! Поэтому очень хочу поучаствовать в розыгрыше книги Tildas Winter Ideas. Спасибо за шанс. Ольга.

  6. У нас уже зима,холодно,и идет снег.А я люблю жару и солнце!
    Мечтаю о летней книге Summer Ideas!

  7. We are heading into a long and cold winter where I live in Canada... my husband just reported that it is -20 degrees C!! Yikes! So, I think that if I had a choice, I would choose the Winter book. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Хоть я не люблю зиму, но абожаю рождественскую тему, поэтому, буду мечтать о зимнем варианте книги!

  9. What do I have to get finished, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. It has to be the Hexagon Quilt I have been working on to help me stop smoking. It's about 3/4 finished and it's taken 8 months to get that far, but it has helped fill those odd times when a person would want to smoke.

    If I won I would like the Summer book please.

    Thank you for a great give away


  10. Oooh, can I enter this?
    I had my summer adventure in Ethiopia in Sept. but I would love to spend some time with my family over Christmas & I really want to paint the walls and finish decorating the spare room for my Grand-children! I got a quilt made for the bed & I've had the paint for 11 months now so I think it's about time I actually did the painting LOL
    Thanks Amanda, I'm enjoying your blog :D

  11. OOps! Forgot to say, it's Andrea. hehe

  12. My Summer adventure would be to stay home in Mackay go for a swim at our beautiful beaches go fishing or just walk in our beautiful gardens.
    If I won I would love the summer.

  13. Hi Amanda.....My summer adventure would be to drive around the coast of Victoria and explore all the wonderful sights. Thanks for the chance to win a fab book. I would love the Summer one please :) hugs Vicki x

  14. Okay! Thanks for having the give away! I would love the summer book if my name is drawn since I was so lucky to win your last Tilda book on Christmas!!!
    hugs Karen Mallory

  15. ooh Amanda, this is a gorgeous book and I would so love to win the Winter one...I live in the Southern Hemisphere and its a hot summer already.... but I will sit in the garden, sipping tea and eating lavender cakes while dreaming of the winters I so miss...wondering what projects to make of Tilda's...
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  16. Lynda has emailed me to let me know she wants to be in this give away but for some strange reason it won't let her leave a Ladies this is Lynda's entry

    ...Summer for us looks like being camping and kids – I must sort out some hand sewing to do...

  17. Amanda this is a great giveaway. My holiday time will be spent resting.. i hope but amongst other things enjoying time with my famikly and friends plus of course doinf=g lots of sewing. Hugs

  18. This past summer my hubby surprised me with a trip to Vermont on the weekend of the Vermont Quilt Festival! I really enjoyed the festival, but more than that, Lake Champlain was just so very beautiful. What an AWESOME gorgeous setting. It was a dream come true vacation. I was visited the famous Shelburne Museum! Now about Tilda books - would really love the Summer book, but either would be a treasure.

  19. hmm summer adventures........ LOL getting the new wee terrorist under control methinks over the xmas summer hols.....Omy....

  20. Hi Amanda, the only thing that would be an adventure to me this summer is for me not to have to work so hard in my iris beds. Hoping I can have a bit of me time to do some sewing. Hope this was ok.

  21. Oh my Summer Adventure would have to be that I am getting to spend time with 2 of my precious grandchildren over the summer Christmas period, one for a whole month, can't wait, she arrives on the 5th Dec then 2 weeks later her little sister and her Mum and Dad arrive to spend Christmas with us. Fantastic. Thanks Amanda for giving us the chance to win such a lovely book.

  22. Oh, summer.... I hope this summer I'm gonna finally have my Mom here, on our side of the globe. She's SOOOO far away now, and I miss her so much... sniff...
    Thank you for a chance to win these awesome books! I think "Winter Ideas" work the best, well, in winter.... so I'd choose the winter book :)

  23. Я люблю зиму, но и летней книге буду рада, книги Tilda - то мечта!!! ссылочка на правой панельке

  24. Hello Amanda,
    I see you have friends all over the world. Now, I write from just around the corner (Germany) :-) Here the Winter ist comming and we will prepare the Christmas celebration with snow and cold windy days. A warm cup of cacao is the most wonderful think after a long walk outside and sitting with my children and talk about the little problems in there life and big love we have for each other.
    I hope you have a wonderful summertime.
    Maybe I can win the Winterbook...
    Send Anna best wishes from me!
    Petra from Cologne in Germany (