Thursday, September 15, 2011

Inspired By...

Today I am starting a new Post theme...Inspired By...basically it is going to be a weekly post (I hope) writing about the people, blogs pages etc. that inspire me...So, onward and upward as they say.
I am...

Inspired By…  Rosie

Over at Rosie's farm you will find Rosie, her sheep and Chooks, Tilly the cat, Dig (her Hubby?) lots of crafts and I am sure many more amazing things that keep her busy as a Farmers wife and Nurse...

I first met Rosie (online) when I was running the Huggles for Ethiopia challenge this year.
her enthusiasm and lovely posts really drew me in...Rosie sent me some very amazing Huggles that she made up over a couple of "Rainy Days" on the farm.
She included a very lovely card for me, encouraging me in the effort being put for the kids in Ethiopia...finishing it with...
Wishing you days of happiness and sunshine...
I love it, don't you...
I love the pictures of Rosie's farm and the animals she loves and cares for...we have had a chance to email a couple of times and I find we have a few things in common, which is always nice when you meet someone new.
Rosie was one of our winners in the draw for our Ethiopia Huggles prizes...instead of taking the prize,  Rosie asked if the prize could go to the next Huggle cause...amazing woman.

Why don't you pop on over to Rosie's Farm and get to know her a little bit just like I have.
you will be so much richer for knowing a lovely lady like Rosie...

Thank You Rosie
 for being an inspiration to me... and many more no doubt.



  1. I like this new blog post and it is inspirational isn't to meet bloggers in person. Her blog is lovely ...


  2. Thanks Amanda too for inspiring us. I love our blog world of inspiring people.

  3. That is a wonderful idea Amanda! It is always nice to read about other bloggers and why you like them!
    hugs Karen