Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Many Thanks...

Hi wonderful Ladies (and any gents who may read this) I just wanted to once again say a very big thank you to all who contributed to the Huggle numbers for the Ethiopian Children.

I got a parcel late last week with a few more Huggles in for the cause...have a look at the gorgeous little dolls.
Thanks to Kylie for these little darlings...they are on their way to Ethiopia tomorrow...

I think life can seem a bit underwhelming when you don't have a project on the boil...so I will have to set myself a little project...Hmmm what to make?? I better do some surfing I think.

I went away over the weekend to Alexander Headlands on the Sunshine coast of Queensland for  Ladies Retreat.
Well the company was fantastic (thanks Girls) and the scenery was to die for...all in all it was a very nice weekend...even though I ended up sick on the Saturday night and had to come home early...
our guest speaker was Bonnie Switzer-Giles of "Pass the beans Please" ...what an awesome speaker and fantastic prizes...I won a small square frying pan, used to toast nuts etc...we had so many gifts and prizes over the weekend I almost had to buy another bag to bring them home.
Bonnie spoke on "Family Life" and Organisation...you will love her blog...go have a look.

The beautiful sunrise on the beach at Alexander Headlands

Have a look at this beautiful "Wedding Quilt"
that the Mum of the darling  Emily made for her wedding in the beginning of this year.
so very beautiful.

Finished off with a gorgeous Wedding Photo of the couple.
what a beautiful treasure for her to have...

well Ladies I am off for the evening and perhaps I will be able to find a project to keep my hands occupied for the time being.
many hugs and blessings to those who Huggled...


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