Friday, September 23, 2011

Inspired By...

I am 

Inspired By…Bonnie

In a past post I mentioned Bonnie from "The Beans Blog",
She spoke at a ladies retreat I went to in early September.

I am truly inspired by her love for Family life and making things work better for all families by being organised in many areas in life.

She has a fantastic blog with many tasty recipes and links etc.
Bonnie, along with family and friends from all over the world contribute to her blog with amazing recipes to tantalise and tease your taste buds.
you will also find posts and links about menu planning and stocking your fridge and pantry.

When Bonnie spoke at retreat she spoke about making fun memories with your family growing up, how did you want your kids to remember their childhood?
She spoke about the kitchen being the Heart of the home and a place her children sit and talk to her about their day while she prepares a healthy meal for them.
Bonnie inspired me to think about what we prepare for our family, is it healthy and nutritious or is it a real afterthought?

So as I take the plunge and prepare menu's and shopping lists to help me make better meals for my family whom I love so dearly, I am truly grateful to Bonnie and her team of family & friends who give us some fantastic ideas to make dinner magnificent...

Go be inspired by Bonnie, explore her blog and try something new for dinner tonight.

Thank You Bonnie

Happy Stitching and Cooking 

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