Thursday, September 29, 2011

Inspired By…
Our Ethiopian Mission Team

Have you read about the Huggles? where they went, what they would do in the life of a child who has nearly nothing of any great monetary value in this world.
I was so inspired by the hearts of the people in our Ethiopian Mission team that I felt we needed to do something to help bring some cheer to the lives of these gorgeous little kids in Ethiopia...Hence the Huggles Challenge.

Go on over to the Teams Blog and be inspired yourself by the amazing journey they are presently on in Ethiopia, follow along the posts so far that they have been on, up to today. Please leave them a comment, they need to know we are here watching and be thrilled by what they are doing.

I am always amazed by People who can give so much to those who don't have enough...Look at the faces of these children who have received a wonderful gift of Sponsorship, Love and compassion...and a Huggle as well.

So borrowing from Rosie...

I Wish you many days of happiness and sunshine...and big Huggles



  1. Hi Amanda, its so humbling and awesome at the same time to see what is happening on their trip to Ethiopia. I love the photos of the children and reading what is happening on their trip.


  2. yes! you ladies are putting smiles on a lot of children's faces and the parents too watching the joy in their children...