Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 'Baseco Mahal Kita' Tote.

I came across
today and was drawn in by the Baseco Mahal Kita tote.

you can purchase the pattern for the very small sum of $4.00 usd. it will be emailed in PDF form to you. now what makes this tote any different to any another tote out there?

well the funds raised for this tote pattern are going to the Baseco people through Mark and Christine Pedder (missionaries).

"In our western culture we do not go without food, unless by choice.The people of Baseco have no choiceThey have no food.They are starving.Their children cry themselves to sleep with hunger".

when we have so much and they have so seems a crime.

Can we together sell 1000 patterns.

Blog about it!

1000 patterns is:

10 new homes or medicine for 1000 children.

Or Emegency relief kits, or Emergency medical kits...

the list goes on.

Read here what happens over there.

So for the price of less than a cup of takeaway coffee you can help contribute to the health and life of a people group much less fortunate than ours...

just click on the link to Dawns blog and learn more about this worthy cause.

follow the link on the sidebar to purchase.

have fun making the tote...

Amanda Hugz


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